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  1. I was looking for a changelog for the recent 1.8.3 release and a search brought up this unresolved forum thread as one of the first entries. Has this been addressed during the past 2 years?
  2. Got it solved by removing preferences and re-installing. Feel free to close this.
  3. Unsure how I got into that state, but I'd like to re-dock the tools to the left and get back the top toolbar. see screenshot. Dragging the tools to the left does not make them stick or align at the left.
  4. correct, that actually also works in firefox. interesting. but shouldn't embedded videos have a link to the source video service hosting the video?
  5. That video is really small. I don't seem to be able to find any way to open it directly on vimeo. Could you elaborate or post the link? Found another "basic" video and seems I am not alone with my problem, that even the basic videos make a ton of assumptions that users already have certain knowledge: Since the embedded videos have no link to vimeo, please visit this link and look at the comments: https://vimeoDOT com/130980508 That aside I just discovered the beginners video series on vimeo, so will take a look at that. And thanks for making those.
  6. Great, this is helpful information. I understand this is the most basic usability questions one could think of. But for new users it is exactly the gap that needs to be bridged to be able to use the currently existing tutorials. I wish there were a few more noob entry level tutorials for the most basic operations. Not everybody is switching from photoshop or a pro user that has been working with photo editing software the past 15 years (: Maybe you can consider this and create a few basic knowledge tutorials like how to work with layers, copy / paste etc
  7. Then after pasting, how do I get rid of the selection? It stays highlighted. Answer: click anywhere outside that area.
  8. I want to drag a frame around part of an image press ⌘C and ⌘V and have that section copied. Is there a video explaining how this is done in Affinity Photo? I can use the Selection Brush Tool or the Freehand Selection Tool but both seem clumsy if I really just want a square box selected. Is there an option that just draws a square which I can then adjust and simply copy that content?
  9. IRC channel would be great. Nothing so far?
  10. OS X 10.10.4 here. Makes me wonder, if the shortcut might be used by another software already? → Pardon me! My bad. That is indeed the case. Sorry for stirring up dust. Will fix this here. Feel free to simply delete the entire thread since it adds no value to this board. <3
  11. alt cmd c to Resize Canvas: works alt cmd i to Resize Document: broken Pretty straight forward to reproduce. Must have been forgotten? Could you double check and potentially fix this?
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