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  1. Since you have an artboard to the right already of your selected artboard or last created artboard, then the newly create artboard will be placed to the right of it and that other artboard that was there will simply slide to the right of it. Or if you didnt want that then maybe the newly create artboard could be placed at the end of that row? I don't know. There should be an artboard options in the preferences where more configuration can go on. (I dont know how to word it but something like this) □ Place newly created artboard at the end of the 1st row □ Newly created artboard are placed next to the last artboard selected □ Newly created artboard are placed next to the last artboard created □ Place newly created artboard to the right amid other artboards There should also be a gap section where you can input how much gap or spacing you want in between artboard. Ive never heard of nesting artboards. Fill me in on that. I love the consistency. I just wish this consistency what restricted to just 1 long row of artboards.
  2. I don't know. It really depends on what artboard you last selected or created. I only mentioned those 2 options because I dont know which one users are going to do. I dont know how its going to work. I just dont think a new artboard placed in a long row is the way to go. If you hit the "insert artboard" button, the program automatically places a new artboard to the right of the last artboard that was created. Its just always going to be to placed to the right in 1 row. The gaps are done automatically. I don't mind them. The way it is is fine. Its the way artboards are placed in a row that bothers me. What about them? It shouldnt affect them because all newly created artboards they create will still be placed in a row. How it currently is. Which is why I offer 2 options. And those 2 options are not going to affect users who like how it works at the moment because an artboard will still be placed to the right of their artboard.
  3. I can. I would just like my artboards to all be that same size with the click of a button without drawing them individually. I can also randomly draw it and then fix the size with the transform studio. All good solutions. I just want the "insert artboard" button to do all that work for me to speed up my workflow. Yes. Thats probably the better solution out of all of the solutions you mentioned since I won't be needing to go all the way to the top to hit a button or to the end of the row to drag the new artboard to my 2nd row. I'll probably do that for now. Thank you. I know. I just feel like the way the "insert artboard" button should function to where the newly created artboard should be placed next to the last artboard you created or selected. Not by creating a long, long row of artboards.
  4. I'm having an issue with the placements of new;y created art boards. If I create a new art board, the artboard is placed next to each artboard you create. So as you create a new artboard what happens is you get this line of art boards that are being placed next to each other and eventually you have all these artboards in 1 row. Its a row of artboards. My issue is if I create a new row of artboards by creating a new artboard and dragging that artboard to the bottom of the first row and then create a new artboard to grow my 2nd row of artboards, that new artboard is placed at the end of the first row. Not the second row I created. And if the first row is full of artboards then that requires me to go all the way to the end of the first row, select that new artboard, and move it down to my second row. So I'm trying to create a 2nd row of artboard but every time I create a new artboard its placed at the end of my first row and it requires me to move that artboard manually to my 2nd row. So what I'd like is if when creating a new artboard if affinity could make that new artboard be placed next to the last artboard that was created or next to the last artboard that was selected. One of those 2. Preferably next to the last artboard created. Something like that. So if I create a new artboard and place it under my first row and then create a new artboard, that new artboard will be placed next to the first artboard on my 2nd row. Not all the way at the end of the 1st row. So I need newly created artboards to be placed next to the last artboard created.
  5. I dont know anybody whos going to have 10, 20, 30 saved view points. I dont know how to design it. The photo was just an example. An idea. Let Serif design it but everything should take 1 click. Not 3 steps. 1 step is good design. Anything more than 2 is bad design. So no to "lists" of view points and yes to buttons of view points or keyboard shortcuts for those saved view points. Have them figure it out. And if its "too tall" then lets do the same for layers since layers get "too tall." Then add a scroll to the navigator to go down.
  6. Oh! Yeah! I didn't even see it. I'm new to this app. Why is it even there? I figured it would be an icon on the toolbar but its spelled out for us underneath the toolbar. I kind of want it to be a gear icon button that I can place next to the export persona button. I guess this will work for now. Thank you, guapo. Muah. Lol.
  7. @thomasoyeah. really I just wanted my mouse scroll to zoom in and out. which I got to work already by turning on the "use mouse wheel to zoom" in the preferences. However, I dont think I'll be using rotation that much so the command+scroll isnt really something I badly need. I just brought this up because it should work but it not. Its cool though. I got everything I needed to work and if Serif sees this they can have a look into it. Thank you though. I appreciate it.
  8. Option+scroll does NOT rotate the canvas on a mac. Command+scroll DOES rotate the canvas on a mac. However, if you have both "use mouse wheel to zoom" & "enabled canvas rotation with command+scroll" both turned on the "command+scroll" will not work. I don't know why it wont. I guess both cant be checked since they both use scroll. Only 1 can be turned on.
  9. @BofGI'm a new user and this should not be a new users reaction. We shouldn't be acting confused and annoyed when opening the program and hitting the same keyboard shortcuts toggles our tools. It was so confusing and so annoying that I honestly had second thoughts about asking for a refund if this was how it was going to be because this is just not the way to work. And as a new user I feel like I'm being blamed by everybody for "not getting used to it." Luckily, theres a setting that can turn it off but it should be a setting that can turn it on because this should not be the default. And if it IS the way to work then let me learn more about, let me try it out, dont turn it on for me, and dont force me to work this way when I first open the app. And if you do still trip up then you havent gotten used to it. It still disrupts your workflow.
  10. Can you guys make a preference button thats a gear icon that can be added to our tool bar? I need a button that I can press that will get me to my presences faster. I hate clicking on affinity designer, scrolling down, and hitting presences. I need a button on my toolbar that I can click on and have my presences open up. Make it a gear icon since gears represent settings or under the hood. I know theres a keyboard shortcut for preferences but I'd like to have a gear icon button that I can add to my toolbar. Its be a lot faster and easier. Thank you.
  11. So I just enabled my mouse scroll wheel to zoom by going to preferences>tools>use mouse wheel to zoom. I also enabled canvas rotation with command+scroll wheel by checking the box under preferences>tools>enable canvas rotation with command+scroll wheel I'm able to zoom with my scroll wheel but when I hold down on command and start scrolling my canvas does NOT rotate. Why is that? Are both scrolls conflicting with each other? I dont see why it would if I'm holding down on command first before I start scrolling. Is this a bug? And If I uncheck the "use mouse wheel to zoom" under preferences I'm then allowed to rotate my canvas by holding down on command + scroll but i cant scroll zoom since I disabled it. So I cant have it both ways but why would this be an issue? They both should work together.
  12. @thomasoHey! I actually found it! 😀 Go to preferences>tools> and then check the box that reads "use mouse wheel to zoom" Now I can zoom when I scroll and I'm on a mac. This is awesome. Thank you again.
  13. I found the solution. I had to go into my preferences, go into my tools, and check the box that reads "use shift modifier to cycle tools." I dont know why by default this is not turned on. It should be turned on because this is very confusing and annoying. What is this logic of hitting the same keyboard shortcut will toggle into the previous tool you had selected. Like? For reals! What is this logic? Whos logic is this? I want to know. If I wanted that previous tool I would have hit the keyboard shortcut for that previous tool. I dont need that tool. Like? It makes no sense to have my tools toggle for hitting the same keyboard shortcut. I get that it might help users who are toggling between 2 tools but dont make it the default for everybody. Have them turn on toggling if they need it. @MEBFrom here on out the "use shift modifier to cycle tools" needs to be turned on by default for new users.
  14. So if I hit v on my keyboard the move tool is activated. However, if I hit v again my tool changes to the tool I had activated previously. So every time you hit the same keyboard shortcut it toggles to the previous tool you had used. How do I disable this toggling? Like, I just want to hit v and have my move tool selected. I dont want to hit v again and have the app change to my previous tool I had used. It messes up my workflow big time. Ill have the zoom tool selected, then ill hit v to get to my move tool, and then when i hit v again to get my move tool and start dragging on my canvas to move something the app zooms me in because it had toggled my tool just for pressing the v for the move tool. Its very frustrating. How do I turn this off? Thank you.
  15. @thomasoAwww thats a shame because I'm on a Mac. Sigh. Oh well. I guess I'll wait and stick to alt+scroll. Thank you.
  16. In the Navigator studio, you can add savable view points that you want to revisit for later. So you just pick an area that you're zoomed in and then hit "advanced" and then hit "add" to add that view point that you want to save for later. Then you add more view points if you want to. So as you add more view points what happens is you get this "list" of view points in your combo box. My issue is that its a list. I dont like that its a list of view points. I dont like that its a list because it requires me to click on this list of view points, scroll down until I see a view point I want, and then click that view point of choice. Thats a lot of work, steps, and time just for wanting get to a specific view point. I think what needs to happen is this "list" needs to turn into buttons. Clickable buttons that I can click on and just have it take me to my saved view points. With these buttons, all its going to take is just one simple click. Thats it. Just one click. Its not going to require me to click a list, find the view point I'm looking for, and click that view point of choice. Its just going to be 1 simple click. Its 3 steps just to do all that VS 1 simple click of clicking a button. So I need this list of savable view points to turn into buttons. Buttons that can be pressed on to get to my specific view points. Make it a button that says whatever I named it when I added. You could even add a small thumbnail next to the name of what the view point looked like when I saved it. I dont know. Figure it out. Design it well. Just please dont make it a list. No one wants to scroll through lists of view points. We just want to click and go. I've attached 2 photos below. The first photo shows a list of view points i saved. The next photo show me making a button for those view points that I can just click on to make my workflow fast and simple. Thank you.
  17. If you have a mouse and you scroll up and down, you can pan up and down on your canvas. If you hit down on "alt" while scrolling up and down, you can zoom in and out of your canvas. My question is, how do I set it so that I can make scrolling be zooming in/out instead of it panning my canvas? I want to switch the commands. I want scroll to zoom, and I want alt+scroll to pan. Where do I go in affinity designer to switch these commands? Again, I want scroll to zoom and "alt+scroll" to pan. Thank you.
  18. I want that too. Like, why cant I add a drop shadow and hit the + icon to add a 2nd drop shadow. Especially with outlines. I hate having to give type an outline and then duplicate that type again, put it behind the first type, and then increase the outline to get my 2nd stroke. Just let me add multiple outlines by hitting the "+" icon next to the outline fx. Exactly how it is in photoshop.
  19. In the grid and snapping axis manager window, you can lower the opacity for the grid lines and subdivision lines. The problem is you cant really see what opacity percentage you have it set on. Theres no opacity percentage indicator. Its really just moving the slider and seeing what opacity you like. There needs to be an opacity percentage indicator next to the slider. I want to know what opacity percentage my grid lines are on, and I'd like to input a specific opacity percentage instead of just sliding and guessing. I'm attaching 2 photos to this post. The first photo is the grid and snapping axis manager window with the opacity sliders at the very bottom with no percentage indicator. The second photo shows the settings for the Outer Glow FX. Look how theres an opacity slider and look how to the right theres a percentage indicator. I need THAT percentage indicator to be next to the opacity sliders in the grid and snapping axis manager window for grid lines and subdivision lines. Thank you.
  20. For reals! It’s so annoying. Like, it’s such a simple action. Why does it require 4 steps just to change the name of a layer? It shouldn’t take 4 steps to rename a layer. It’s honestly 6 steps. Not 4. 6 steps because after the 4th step you have to hit the ok button, that’s step 5, and then hit the < icon to return back the main layer menu. Sigh. It’s Just too many steps. Too much time wasted. It’s ridiculous. I should be able to tap the name of my layer, have a menu open where it already has my layer name highlighted so that I can just start typing the name of my new layer, hit ok and done. Literally 2-3 steps. Tap layer name, rename, hit ok. it’s not that hard but idky they make it hard.
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