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  1. Yeah I have the PSD related settings turned on already, that’s not the problem. And by ‘setting’ I mean something more from the photoshop end than Affinity
  2. Is there a setting I need to make when saving a PSD with Layer Masks? I have some really simple PSDs, just a few pixel layers, each one with blank layer masks. I've opened up complex mockup PSDs with Smart Objects and the like on AP for ipad and they've opened fine and from a few search results I seen sites saying AP supports layer masks so I'm assuming it's a setting I need to check? Not working on MacOs desktop or ipad 2.0.4
  3. I didn't realize they were considered as 2 separate workflows. But yeah I agree it's too much, plus I brainfarted about duplicating via the canvas.
  4. You're right. I was only thinking in context of duplicating via the layers panel and not objects on the canvas. At this point what I was just describing seems more convoluted than duplicating via dragging objects with a 2-finger gesture or an easier to access function on screen ie contextual menu on the canvas. Also I'm still tired and haven't had breakfast yet so brain still wonkier more than usual 😛
  5. Ah, I see what you mean. 2-fingers ON the the first to last layers you select is how it's done. I'm only just about to get Procreate, actually. He does show the sideswipe to multi-select right before your example btw. But I mean, it's a different condition. I was originally thinking 2-fingers on the canvas and moving the selected layers/s in the layers panel up or down to create the duplicate/s (with one finger)
  6. Ah, I've been side-swiping to do that. And now that I'm testing that gesture it doesn't seem to be working on the canvas or the layers panel
  7. Right. I recently turned off pinning for my menus since I was getting annoyed by them staying open so I derped.
  8. It's nuts, isn't it? I don't want developers hindering UX just to be different from other apps (if that's part of their conversation). UX, first and foremost.
  9. Exactly, as a base idea. Like, if I wanted to be 'pedantic' I'd add some divider lines between different sections like the paste, etc but that's beside the point. You get it. I REALLY like Vectornator's context menu that shows up underneath the selected object. You don't even need to long press, as that's just another step + time wasted. It also includes the alignment / distribution functions which makes sense I sympathize for the coders that have to an overhaul but that's what the UI/UX needs. I think of a middle ground between a radial menu (like in the Concepts app!) and common basic functions popping up under an object. There's way too many basic functions you have to dig to get to.
  10. That's not the same as the Power Duplicate though, when it also duplicate rotation, distance, etc. I should have clarified.
  11. Makes sense, but also.... if there's already a 2-finger gesture to duplicate objects, why not have a 2-finger gesture to duplicate layers?
  12. Yeah. I'm not picky about any particular order up there as long as there's less tapping around to do everything. Seeing as how tapping a selected layer again doesn't do anything, why not toggle the Layer Options that way?
  13. Good idea, though the context menu gets annoying after awhile, at least for so many of the common basic function. I'd prefer if the grid switch was at the mid-bottom left toolbar, and yeah, a setting like this, long-press toggle is a great idea
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