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  1. I think I found a bug in the beta app of AD v2 on ipad. 

    So I set my pixel personal brush to 10px and what I want to do is toggle through my brushes so that they all stay at 10px. What i would do is bring out the toggle command controller and turn on the option modifier because thats the shortcut to have the same stroke size. When i do that it works. i can now toggle through all my brushes at 10px. The issue is when I start to draw while having the option modifier on it wont let me draw. INSTEAD it brings out the ink dropper. it wont let me draw. Its just the ink dropper wanting me to select a color. So i cant draw while having this option modifier on. I want to have it on so that all my brushes stay at 10px. If i turn it off I can draw but my brushes will change sizes. I dont want that. So when I turn on option I cant draw. The ink dropper pops out. 

  2. I was trying out some brushes that I have on my account and when I started playing with them the AD v2 app froze and crashed on me. So when I reopened the app ALL my pixel persona brushes were gone. Theres no brush category in my brush library. So I went into the preferences to reset the brushes and that did not work at all. So now I have no pixel persona brushes.

    So what I did was I went into my AD v1 app and exported all that standard pixel persona brushes to import them into v2 but even that doesnt work. It says theyre importing and downloading the file but nothing happens and its just a blank library in pixel persona. So I have no way of getting my pixel persona brushes in AD v2. What do i do now? Is this a bug? Below is an image showing no brushes in the library. 


    no brushes.PNG

  3. This is for AD v2 on ipad.

    So theres an issue with the quick menu that i really dont like. Im trying to set up my menus so lets say I add Lock to the top right menu. But then I decide I dont want it there and want to instead put lock at the top left menu. Heres the issue. I cant just tap and hold on the top left menu and select lock. Lock is unavailable because its currently used up by the top right menu. So what i have to do is tap and hold on the top  right menu, set lock to any other action, AND THEN i can go back to my top left menu and set it as lock because now lock is available. You have to change the action first for it to be available for other menus. I dont like this. I wish i could just tap and hold my top left menu, have lock be available on the list of actions even though its being used by the top right menu, set the top left menu as lock, and then have the top right menu go blank because I just filled up the top left menu with lock. So theres no undoing a menu for the action to be available. The actions are all available and its just a matter of setting them up regardless if theyre currently being used by a menu and having them change on their own. I hope i make sense. I just dont want to be doing this tap and hold undoing for the actions to be available. Just make them all available and let them change on their own if theres duplicates. 

  4. @AshSo Im looking at the swipe left options and noticed only the geometries have icons to go with them and not the others. This is why I said in the forum post below to please add icons next to each option. It makes things look nicer and helps out the users through iconography. I so would have struggled reading add, subtract, intersect, and xor without icons but those icons really help me out in deciding what compound I want. Add to selection, delete, lock, blend modes, and rename layer need icons. Its look empty. Theyre naked. Something is missing and its those icons. it looks weird to only have icons for the geometries and not the others. A trash can icon for delete, a lock icon for lock, a pencil icon with the letter A for renaming, and im not sure what for add to selection and blend modes. You need to put icons next to these other options as well as for the options in the edit menu and document menu. You can read my post on icons for the edit and document menu in the forum post below. 

    Below is an image of the swipe left icons. I added icons to the other options. I also need you to add a line/rule between each option. I did it in the color red to show you. 



  5. @AshI'm super happy about the compound options. Thank you so much for listening.

    I have one issue though. The compound options dont appear on the compound layer. You specifically have to go into the compound layer and select the shape layer making up the compound to get the compound options. Thats so weird. Im not really liking this. Wouldnt you just be able to swipe left on THE compound layer and get the compound options? Its more work to go into the compound, find the shape layer making up the compound, and then swipe left to get the compound options. I get it though. Its specifically THAT shape layer that is making up the compound so the compound options should ONLY appear from swiping left on THAT shape layer. I get it. I think I have a better solution though.

    What you can do is let the compound options from swiping left appear on the compound layer, the layer thats grouping both shapes. Allow users to swipe left on that compound layer and let the compound options appear. We select a different geometry AND THEN, heres the solution, let the app take me to the shape layer that is making up the compound so that I can then move the shape layer to adjust my new compound. Thats what needs to happen because i dont want to specifically swipe left on the shape layer that is making up the compound to get the compound options. I just want to swipe left on THE compound layer, select a different geometry, and have the app take me to the shape layer to adjust my new compound. 

    OR allow the compound options to appear on all 3 layers, the 2 shape layers making up the compound and the compound layer grouping both shapes. You select a different geometry, and have the app take you to the shape layer making up the compound to adjust the new compound. That way they all have the compound options and I'm not specifically going to a specific layer to get the compound option. I can get the compound options from all 3 compound layers.

    Lastly, please add a double highlight when making a compound. I need that double highlight indicator to tell me that a compound has been made.

    Geometry: Tap, Highlight

    Compound: Long Press, Double Highlight


  6. @Ash When i swipe left and select blend modes my blend modes appear but they cover my layers. Look at the photo below titled v2. Can you make it so that the blend modes appear next to my layers instead? Look at the photo titled v1 below. In v1, the blend modes appear next to the layer and its much more nicer and convenient. Nothing is covering my layers. I'm able to see both my layers and blend modes. 




  7. 4 hours ago, iuli said:

    could we hope that someday we’ll have “Tap Layer Name” to Rename layers too? On second thought, after spending a bit more time with it, the renaming is crazily fast already.

    @AshThe tap a layer name to rename your layer STILL needs to happen. Its something that was highly requested in the AD v1 forums. I think its so awesome that we have these new options when we swipe left. So awesome because taking 4-6 steps to rename a layer in AD v1 was a big no and now that i can simply swipe left and rename my layer is wonderful. Thank you. However, I still think you need to let users tap a layer name to rename it. Why? Because of our mindset and instinct. Users know to rename a layer you need to tap its layer name and then rename it. So when they find out that you cant do this basic action here in AD v2 its going to confuse and upset them. Theyre going to question why they cant rename their layer by tapping its layer name and then theyre going to go to the forums to get help on renaming a layer and then theyre going to discover that they can swipe left and a rename options appears. Theyre going to say, "Oh. So thats how you rename your layer. Why cant they just let me tap my layer name and rename it there?" Its going to happen. I already know it. And you know what else? If you just now introduced the feature to let users rename their artboard by taping its name and renaming it why cant you do it here? Youre not making us swipe left on the artboards name to rename it. Youre making us tap the artboards name to rename it. Why? Because thats what you would normally do to rename something. Mindset and instinct.

    It needs happen. Its mindset and instinct to tap a layers name to rename it. The swipe left options are still going to be there but you need to also let us rename a layer by tapping a layer name. Please, please, please let users rename their layers by tapping their layer name in the layer studio. 

  8. This is for all apps on ipad. 

    Please, please allow us to hide the "?" help button from the bottom right corner. Please!

    You can not have this button here. If youre right handed your palm will sometimes rest on the ipad screen. While resting it your palm will be on top of the help button, triggering it, and causing workflow disruption. It is so annoying when I'm trying to draw and the help screen keeps popping up. I can't even draw in pixel persona! I refuse to draw because I just cant be having my workflow being disrupted. I can't. Its really annoying. Nothing should be in this bottom right corner. It is dead mans land. This only happens to right handed people.

    I also feel very bad for left handed people because they have it worse with delete button on the bottom left. Theyre probably working and their palm accidentally triggers the delete button causing them to delete their layer. You just cant have buttons on these 2 bottom corners. You can't. This is bad design. Think about it. We hold the pencil and place our hand on the ipad screen. Our hand covers the bottom corners of the app so anything under it will get triggered causing unwanted workflow disruption. This is problematic. Nothing should be in the bottom corners. This is not a desktop computer where you can have a mouse that can click on buttons all around the interface. This is an ipad screen with a hand resting on it where certain buttons can not be under your hand/palm. 

    You need to take the "?" help bottom and simply move it next to the edit menu at the top OR you can HIDE it the preferences like the undo and redo buttons. I much prefer hiding it. I need to be able to hide the "?" help button. Its a simple fix. Its a huge issue. This is very problematic. I've been asking for this since the v1 forums. Please. This is bad design that can easily be fixed. A simple hide solution.

  9. 3 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

    And on iPad, Opt+Click, too. You can use a keyboard, or the Command Controller.

    I didnt know there were shorcuts for this. i dont use a keyboard so Ill try the controller. I still wish though that I didnt have to do any of these shortcuts. I'd like to just toggle through each brush and have my stroke width apply. Maybe a button that could be turned on in the hamburger menu? 

  10. This is for AD v2 on ipad. 

    Sigh. I've been playing around with vector brushes in my art, and I wanted to talk about an issue I'm having with the stroke width and vector brushes. If I create a stroke at 100 pts, and I turn that stroke into a vector brush something happens. My stroke decreases in width based on the width size the vector brush was saved as. This to me is annoying because I already know the stroke width I want my vector brush to be at but because of the pre saved size the vector brush was saved as it scales down my stroke. And what happens is I'm forced to go back into my stroke studio and increase my stroke width to 100pt just to preview that vector brush at 100 pts. I cant just set my stroke width at 100pts, select a vector brush, and have this vector brush previewed at 100 pts. My stroke has to scale down based on what that vector brush size it was saved as so if I want to toggle through my other vector brushes my stroke width is ALWAYS going to scale down in width because all the other vector brushes have different scale sizes. Its really annoying.

    I know the stroke width I want. I want my stroke width at 100 pts and what I want to do is just toggle through my vector brushes and previews ALL OF THEM at 100pts, so I can easily decide what texture I want to go with for my art. No. That doesnt happen. If I select a vector brush my stroke width decreases so then its a small preview of the vector brush I selected. Then i have to scale that stroke width back up to 100pts so i have to go into the stroke studio to do that. If I select a new vector brush to preview my stroke scales down in width. So i have to go back into the stroke studio again and increase the stroke width to 100pts. If I want to select a 3rd vector brush my stroke scales down in size and its this whole scale down scale up switching between studio process and its really, REALLY annoying. I just want to preview all of my vector brushes at a specific stroke width. I need the app to override the width size these vector brushes were saved as and just preview my vector brushes at the stroke width I have it set as, 100pts. It would make previewing my vector brushes way easier. 

  11. This is for AD v2 on ipad. Maybe even the other affinity apps on ipad as well. 

    There are 2 color pickers in the app. The color picker in the tool bar and the color picker in the color studio. I prefer my color picker to auto apply a color rather then picking a color and then having to tap the color for it to apply. Its much faster and easier with auto apply. 

    My issue is that the color picker in the color studio doesnt do that. Only the color picker in the tool bar will auto apply color. I need my color picker in the color studio to auto apply color. So I wanted to suggest a setting in the hamburger menu of the color studio where you can turn on an auto apply setting. 

    But then it got me thinking about the other color pickers in the context menu of certain tools and fx. Their color pickers also dont auto apply so now I need a setting for those color pickers where i can turn on auto apply. 

    My suggestion is to please make a setting in the preferences of the app where you can toggle on auto apply for ALL color picker in the app. It would be easier and better. 

  12. This is for all AD v2 platforms but Im referring to the ipad version here.

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. The noise slider should not be in the color studio. It is not a property of color. I dont know why its there. On ipad its just taking up space in the color studio. It shouldnt be there. It should be an effect that can be turned on in the FX studio. In photoshop, there are filters that can be applied like noise and gaussian blur. Gaussian blur being an effect in the fx studio in AD means that noise should be there too. I know thats not really a good reason on why noise should be put in the fx studio but if gaussian blur is there then so should noise. If noise is a slider in the color studio then gaussian blur should also be a slider in the color studio. But you dont really want to do that because they'd be better as their own effects in the FX studio.

    Another reason why noise should be in the fx studio is because I need to be able to change 2 values from the noise effect. Currently, noise is just a slider that adds noise. Thats the first value. The amount of noise you want your work to have. You can have 0% noise or 100% noise. The 2nd value that needs to be in its context menu of noise in the fx studio is the scale of the noise. You cant do that with the noise slider. It only changes the amount of noise, but I need to be able to change the size of my noise. Currently, its really small noise. The size of a pixel but I'd like to scale up my noise so that I have larger size noise. So there should be 2 value inputs in the context menu of the noise effect if it was its own effect in the fx studio. The amount of noise and the scale of the noise. 

    I just now realized while typing all this out is that there should actually be more context menu value inputs for the noise like the color of the noise, the opacity of the noise, and the blend modes of the noise. So there needs to be a whole context menu with different value inputs for noise in the fx studio. Not just an amount slider in the color studio that shouldnt be there. Amount, scale, opacity, color, and blend modes. Exactly what the other effects in the fx studio have in their context menu. 

    Sigh. I just need this noise slider removed from the color studio and added to the fx studio as its own effect with a whole context menu of value inputs listed above.  


  13. This is for AD v2 on ipad. I really need the swatches and styles studios to be their own separate studios. The swatches studio is currently inside the color studio at the very bottom and the styles studio is currently in the fx studio at the very bottom. I cant be going into studios to go into other studios. Its too many taps and it shouldnt be like this. It slows down my workflow. I need them to be their own studio on the right side of the interface and I need to able to tap their icon and done. Im in the swatch/style studio. No going into a studio, going to the bottom, and getting to my studio. None of that. Just a one tap icon like the other studios.

    So create 2 new studios on the right side of the interface, name them the swatch and style studio, give them their own button, and give them their own icon. Thats it. 

  14. This is for AD v2 on ipad. You know how it says dash gap, dash gap, and dash gap? Dont you think it should say "Length" instead of dash? Because youre changing the length of the dash. Just how above the stroke studio theres a "Width" slider that changes the width. It wouldnt say stroke. It would say width. Here it should say length because youre changing the length of the dash. I already know it refers to my dash because the category is dash pattern.

    I also feel like these 3 dash gaps should be numbered. Its probably unnecessary, but I just feel like somethings missing design wise. A number is missing telling me what dash is what. I know how to count. Its more of like an indicator. I drew it out below. 

    On 3/15/2023 at 7:12 AM, Ash said:

    Currently this increments in whole numbers, we will be changing to increment by 0.1 in the next update. 

    Please, please, PLEASE 🙏 make it a setting in the preferences where users can choose to have the app work in increments in whole numbers or increments of 0.1. In v1, I always hated having my stroke width in 0.1 increments and my fx context menu dials in increments of 0.1. I hated it so much. I just wanted to work in whole numbers. Please make this an option instead. 


  15. On 2/7/2023 at 7:50 AM, Ash said:

    Any menus which currently have checkable options such as the move tool options, and view options will no longer auto-close after changing the state of one item.

    I was not here when the menus would auto close on you but yes. Its much better now to have them open and stay open while I turn on the  options that I need. 

    There is something though that is still very annoying about the move tool options. For the move tool options, when you bring out the menu for it you can choose to turn on 6 of the options that are available. So once you turn these 6 options on they stay on for that document but when you create a new document theyre turned off. So you have to go into the move tool options in that new document and turn on these options again and its like that for each document you create. It would be better if we could have these option stay on for every document we create and turn them off when we decide to turn them off. Its annoying to have to go into the move tool option for every document we create just to turn them back on. Id like them to stay on. 

  16. This is for AD v2 on iPad.

    If you select the move tool you have options at the top in the context menu. There are 6 options called cycle selection box, lock children, enable transform origin, hide selection while dragging, show alignment handles, and transform objects separately. I like to have some of these on. I especially like to have enable transform origin on because its an anchor point that I can move and use to rotate things easily. I always turn this option on.

    Heres my issue. If i turn on enable transform origin for that document it will stay on for that document. If I create a new document that enable transform origin is turned off and I have to go back into the options just to turn it on and its like that for each document I create. I dont want to keep doing this. I want to just turn on this option and have it stay on for each document I create. Have it stay on forever unless I turn it off.

    So I need these move tool options to stay on for each document I create if i turn them on. I cant keep going into the options and turning them on. Please allow them to stay on for each document. 

  17. I just tried this out and heres my issue. There needs to be an indicator that happens when a compound has been created. If you tap add under geometry the word add and the whole rectangle button its in will flash a gray color indicating that you have tapped it to do an add geometry. So now youve created an add geometry but with compound its the same indicator as add geometry. The add rectangle button flashes a gray color. I think there needs to be a different indicator so that the two arent similar. I dont know what kind of indicator though. 

    I hope i make sense. When you do a geometry the geometry word button gets highlighted once indicating that a geometry has been performed. Maybe with compound you could do a double highlight to indicate a compound has been performed?  

    Geometry: Tap, Highlight

    Compound: Long Press, Double Highlight

  18. This is for AD v2 on iPad.

    For the corner tool you have the option to do rounded, concave, straight, and cutout corners. My issue is in the context menu of the corner tool you have "Corner" written out before each type of corner. I just feel like its too wordy. Theres too much "Corner" and its unnecessary. I already know its a corner tool, and I already know the types that are available. I dont want to see the word "corner" written out for me 5 times before each corner type. I just want to see what corner types are available and choose which one I want. I dont want to do the extra reading of the word "corner." I want to only read the types of corner, choose, and go. So please remove the word "Corner" for each corner type.

    Sigh. I wish serif had not put the context menu for each tool at the top because it removes the little word for each icon/menu and you expect us to know what each icon/menu does. In AD v1, you had the word "corner type" under the corner type option and then you had none, rounded, concave, straight, and cutout written out. There was no "Corner" word written out before each type of corner. Just the types of corners. There was no need to put the word "Corner" before each corner type because the word "corner type" is spelled out under the corner type options and thats all you needed to tell you what this menu does. It tells you that here are the corner types available. AD v2 has that "corner type" word but you have to hit the "?" question mark icon at the bottom right to bring out the help menu for it to say "corner type."  So now that its only the icons/menus on the context menu youre forced to put the word "corner" before each corner type. 

    I ask that you please remove the word "corner" before each corner type OR heres a better solution. What you can do is the following.

    Write the first corner type for "none" like this ------> "Corner: None" and then spell out the other types under on their own. That way "Corner" isnt spelled out repetitively for each type and the first "Corner:" with a semicolon tells me that there are more corner types to follow without "Corner" written for each corner type. Look at the example below. Its just to much "corner."


    Corner: None







    Corner None

    Corner Rounded

    Corner Concave

    Corner Straight

    Corner Cutout



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