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  1. Hi, I searched on the forum and internet before posting but I didn't found anything so... I'm trying to create a brochure on Publisher but I'm making the cover drafts in Designer. I've imported the Designer file on Publisher as image but it shows me only the first page. I cannot shift the content from its container to reveal other pages. Double clicking on the image the Designer file is opened inside a Publisher window but I don't know if there's a way to control the page view from it. Any suggestion? -EDITED 5 minutes after- Sorry for bothered this forum. I've found the menu to manage the multiple pages of a linked Designer file (see the attachment). I already love Publisher. You guys rock! P.s. Let me know if I must delete the post if useless...
  2. Thanks to you MEB. I very excited for the Affinity iPad release. This could be a reason to buy a new iPad Pro. I have a last update: Replacing the adjustment layers in the original document solved the crash issue. Even if I don't hide the layers before any transforming operation it doesn't crash. Hurray!
  3. Ok I did some test. When I hide and then unhide the adjustment level of the symbols "base coppo" and "base coppoR" (see file attached), the values of the adjustment reset to 0. The symbol with no name has no problem. So If I copy his the adjustment layer to the other symbols everything is ok. I tried to understand what is the different from these layers and why they react so different but I didn't notice anything. The good thing is I can now work without crashes. For the strange behaviour of the layer I confide in you. Thank you for all. Simone
  4. Do you think I have to move this question to another section of the forum?
  5. Hi guys I tried in my original file to disable the adjustment on the symbols. It worked perfectly. I duplicated and transform hundreds of symbols without crashes. But now I have a problem: If I hide the adjust from all the symbols, duplicate them many times and unhide the adjust, only one of the symbols regain the correct setting of the adjustment. The other two have the values resetted to 0. Simone
  6. Hello MEB do you mean the curve adjustment? Acqually crashes started to show after I used the curve adjustment in the symbols...
  7. Hi (Chris) ^_^ The Assurer, sorry I saw your reply only now. I attach a file with the symbols. The original file has many symbols I use for create a landscape. These 3 are used to make a complex texture. I still have problems in this example file by duplicating them or transforming them or only change the table dimension. Thank you in advance. Simone 3crashingsymbols.afdesign
  8. Hi, I'm on affinity designer 1.5.5 on Mac. When I work with some symbols I created (move them or transform them) AD crashes. I attach my crash log. My regards. Simone crashreport.txt
  9. My version is 1.1.2 from Mac App Store. How can I get another version? Maybe if I delete it and try to download it again the bug won't show again?
  10. Hi guys, first of all I really love your apps. I have a question about selecting object in AD. I don't know if I do something wrong or it's a bug of my copy but sometimes when I try to select an object that is close to others I can't do it or the app select another object. I tried it with and without checking the "Edit all layers" option but nothing changed. Here a video that explain the thing: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2315810/strange_selection.mov Thank you! Simone
  11. Hi everybody, congratulations for your awesome software. I love it and I expect great things from it in the future. I hope you'll add the possibility to change the rulers origins (point 0) and to manage more pages but one thing I miss most is the shape fusion (see attachment). Will you implement it? Thank you and congrats again. My best. Simone
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