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  1. Whatever Serif's intentions, the suite clearly occupies a middle ground. For many users it will be professional enough, and the fact it is a well integrated suite will serve the majority of users well. On this thread we are bemoaning the lack of a feature that many of us argue is a crucial part of what we need to be able to achieve with ease. We think it fundamental, but we may just be bellyaching about a process that is less crucial than we think. Personally, I really like Affinity, will never be tempted back to subscribing to Adobe, and if I ever really do need to achieve a true vector free
  2. Well it got my 3 votes. And I added an appeal for the whole suite. And as to the discussion re App Stores and the way Apple is going... yes, macOS treats software from sources other than the Store with a load of suspicion. Security supposedly justifying this suspicion. Why then, if that were really the problem, would Linux not be riddled malicious software? And then I think, perhaps for the same reason it isn't riddled with an abundance of good graphics software ;-)
  3. I would love a Linux version of Affinity apps, or a version of Wine that could load them. I am far too technologically promiscuous to say I would commit to Linux, but if I could reduce my reliance on macOS/Windows it would be a step in the right direction. But one of the reasons that this is so hard is that unlike with office document formats, there are really no standard formats for graphic source files. I know there are image file formats, but source file formats used by design applications are not readily transferable between suites. I guess a .psd file is as close as it gets, may be .
  4. I don't do graphics or illustrations for money (well, not often) but I do need a full graphics suite and Affinity is the closest to the Adobe offering I have found. That it is cross-platform is brilliant and that it is not subscription-based is absolutely the reason I chose it over Adobe. But there are omissions, and the free-form tool is the big one in my book. So yes, a clunky work-around is to select the paths to distort, go to Edit menu chose Edit in Photo, and use the distort filter there. And then place as pixels in your original vector document. Clunky indeed. Hopefully someone wil
  5. How frustrating is this? I would consider a free-transform tool a basic tool. One should be able to distort things easily and it should be in Designer first, as the vector app. And it seems this question was asked in 2018, so time would not seem to be a valid excuse. Neither should the idea that Affinity isn't a replacement for Adobe. It is!
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