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  1. Thanks Chris, For now this seems to be the issue!
  2. Hi Chris, Working from an external ssd (Samsung T7) The files are already saved as Tiff. I'm constantly cmd+Save while working but sometimes freezes. It's not often, but I've found is a problem with a previous versions as well...
  3. Affinity Photo freeze while saving file Version 1.9.1 on M1 Mac mini
  4. Still happening Version 1.9.1 on M1 Mac mini
  5. I want to start with how impressed I’m with Affinity Photo. This is probably the only software I happily paid for. I’m so tired of monthly subscriptions and the value in Affinity is huge. And honestly for me Affinity Photo is the only reason to use an iPad. So nice for small jobs and family stuff. Saying that… there are functions missing that will keep me away from using it. At least for now. As a “professional” photographer in the Fashion and Advertising business for 10 years now and a photoshop user since Photoshop CS2 there are functions that I think are really important and are m
  6. I know that this is an old topic and there is a way to control Flow with keyboard shortcuts now, but is it possible to change the keystroke ? Now the keystroke to change brush flow in Affinity is "ctrl + numeric key" In photoshop however is "Shift + numeric key" I know the difference is negligible and I'm gonna get used to it, but at the moment there are a lot of things to get used to and I'm trying to minimise them as much as possible
  7. Agree! Linking also slows me down a lot. Everything that needs a separate menu or a pop-up window is slowing workflow a lot
  8. Thank you so much! I've tried it with Apple engine, but did not knew that I need to reload the file.
  9. Hey guys, I'm new to affinity. Just purchased it, but I already see a lot of problems that need to be fix quickly if they want to advertise it as a professional software. The biggest dealbreaker however is the HUGE loss in sharpness and dynamic range. I'm gonna talk only about the loss in sharpness here because I'm not sure yet how to show the difference in dynamic range. The problem seems to be in Develop Persona because the images look blurry only when processed trough it. If I export a TIFF from Capture One for example and open it with Photoshop and Affinity Photo the image look
  10. I'm experiencing the same issue.
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