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  1. One of the great things with Affinity it is full 32bit support for HDR file formats such as EXR The problem, performance is terrible when there are numerous layered such files in one document. It just crawls, its awful. Sorry. Will there be a push towards speeding things up in this regard?Throwing many 32bit layers into Photoshop is a breeze, and suffers little.
  2. If I can save a brush setting I'm happy with, is there also way to make this brush the default brush when I press 'b'?
  3. Thanks for your reply. What would be the best way of imitating the control of flow in PS? In terms of brush settings? I use a soft brush a lot, so it would be good top set one up that emulates one I have in PS
  4. You are able to control opacity, but I cannot seem to control flow? is there anyway to do this bar manually changing the brush dynamics?
  5. I've just realized you set the re-sampling method to separable, not non separable this provides a much better result. Thanks!
  6. Also, in your example, have you scaled the image up 6 times, or have you just opened the image up in both PS and AP? If so, they aren't dissimilar initially, you need to scale up both images by the same percentage to notice the issue.
  7. Yes I made it pretty clear it was scaled up quite a lot, its a pretty extreme example and pixelation is expected. The point is, I don't have the pixelation issue with PS and I wondered why. Thanks for your answer though. So, were putting it down to how PS and AP re-sample imagery. Got it. My worry is, using less extreme scaling examples, will such a gap in quality be noticeable too.
  8. Would be great to be able to duplicate channels from one document to another ala PS. Working in 3d I tend to have render passes that include RGB selections. From these render passes I can then select tonally R, G, B one at a time, then duplicate that individual channel into my main document/render beauty pass as a channel selection for alterations. So, Red = Glass, Green= Brick, Blue = Frames etc etc. See attached example. At the moment, in order to have these selections, I have to duplicate the render pass document into my main document, drag it to the top, select tonal ranges, save those selections, then delete the RGB selection pass from the document. It's pretty tedious and seems a bit backwards. This is just one example, there any many other useful applications in which duplicating a channel from one document to another would be helpful.
  9. In fact you can see it zoomed out quite clearly. PS, is pretty smooth
  10. Attached. You notice it as you zoom in. It has been scaled quite a lot, but the difference between the PS scale quality and AP scale quality is clear. Test_AP_00.zip
  11. There is no difference exporting with either of those algorithms, it still saves out pixelated.
  12. Hi I only have two options, Bilinear and Nearest Neighbor. It was set to Nearest Neighbor actually, but I switched to Bilinear and restarted. Still looks really pixelated compared to PS.
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