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  1. I actually switched back to Photoshop and Bridge after using Affinity Photo for over 3 years, because I needed some sort of DAM software, better RAW engine and some photoshop tools + full PSD compatibility. But I still use Affinity Designer for vector work, because it just works better for me than Illustrator.
  2. Of course you can! You just need to have your Affinity Photo from Mac AppStore installed and download the beta by clicking a link in the very first message in this thread.
  3. No, the same issue is still present with a mouse or trackpad and only started after 1.10.3 update.
  4. Nothing changed with 1.10.4, hiccups and delays are still present. Affinity Photo now takes much more time to start up.
  5. It started again. I have to wait 1-2 seconds before panning with spacebar, otherwise it lags. Запись экрана 2021-10-27 в 14.09.08.mov
  6. Hi Dan! The issue seems to be gone for no reason. I did not restart my laptop or anything. AP Photo 1.10.3 works just fine now.
  7. Weird thing happened, today AP 1.10.3 works just fine, I have no idea what happened overnight but I didn't restart my Macbook or anything else.
  8. Same here. Affinity Photo is unusable on my MacBook Pro 16 2019 running Monterey. It’s laggy and crashes unexpectedly. Previous version 1.10.1 worked flawlessly.
  9. Same here, I experience a lot of interface hiccups and lags when using hot keys. MB Pro 16 2019.
  10. Overall performance is terrible. I'm running macOS Monterey and MB Pro 16 2019.
  11. I also experience a lot of interface hickups and freezes when using hot keys.
  12. There's a delay when I use pen tool and pan an image using spacebar and my Wacom pen. It occurs after every clip. Never happened on previous versions.
  13. It used to work on Alpha Masks in 1.9.0. There's situations when it has to be an Alpha Mask and certain things cannot be made with a Vector Mask. Thank you for your suggestion anyway
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