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  1. @Callum I've attached the crash log files. Affinity Photo-2021-10-27-110518.ips Affinity Photo_2021-10-25-100611_MacBook-Pro.crash Affinity Photo_2021-10-26-104246_MacBook-Pro.crash Affinity Photo_2021-10-26-114806_MacBook-Pro.crash
  2. Photo is now unusable. Every file that is opened old or new causes it to crash to the spinning rainbow and has to be force quit. Using a 16" MacBook Pro running Mac OS 11.6. HELP!!!
  3. Thanks Walt. Was not a text frame. Was artists text as id copied out of another app! Newbie to publisher but loving it so far ! Thanks.
  4. Hi guys. Im missing the Text Rulers in my version of Publisher 1.8.3 on Mac 10.15.4. I have no icon and even using the menu 'Show text ruler' I get nothing. Restarted machine and app. Any ideas?
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