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  1. That’s interesting. Can you chang the size of the tools? I can’t and I’ve got here the message that this is impossible. For me (I’m mich younger} the are too small and too dim. So the program is quite useless...
  2. Thank you. When I click on the image (I understood this, it’s not too difficult), there comes a read cross (which indicates as I guess that the file is not available) and that’s all.
  3. There is this very cool window which opens when one starts Affinity Photo. There I can read that I can open the samples by clicking on them, How does thos work? If I click on the icon nothing happens.
  4. OK. Thanl you. This means, the program is useless. The tools buttons are much too small. That’s really fine. I think you know why there is no trial version. :(
  5. The tools are very small on my screen. How can one change the size? The help file tells in the program options and there is a tab where one bellieves, he can change the size, but I can’t. There is selected »very small« and it’s impossible to change this. But so it i near,y impossible to use the tools. Is there a solution for this?
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