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  1. ric67

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Thank you. Book now ordered.
  2. ric67

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Is this photo workbook still as relevant now as when first published? Just wondering if many things have changed since the books release. Im tempted to purchase but just wondering.
  3. Thanks for the reply. As I was comparing to photoshop and mentioned I was getting back into photo/image editing I took it for granted people would know I was referring to affinity photo.I'm also curious what difference there is between windows and mac versions. Ok so I'm not missing anything regarding the top menu. I'm sure it is something I will be able to adapt to. Its just a strange environment when used to another program. Hopefully having separate sections will make more sense with use. What I do like about this desktop edition is its actual speed at tasks compared to how I thought it would be. I might just buy the book to brush up on the different techniques needed to create my usual photoshop editing.
  4. Hi guys. Might be premature with this question but bear with me. I went ahead and bought affinity as I'm getting back into photo/image editing and really like the look of affinity. I wasn't going to start paying those other guys every month just to edit images. Anyway, One thing I'm having a hard time with is...…. Layout. Photoshop had a menu item where ALL of the editing tools where. I have had a look around affinity and notice most of the same options are actually available as layer adjustments. Im taking it this is not customisable to get all of these into the top menu bar itself so I can free up the amount of tools etc on the RHS? In photoshop the RHS was used primarily for layers and not where all my tools or options are. Thanks for any help on this guys.
  5. ric67

    Blemish removal

    Trouble is though, by rasterising you don't get the same effect from the blemish tool. The fact you can see the scourge with a line going to the blemish area, and being able to change the position and size is a great aspect of the tool. When I rasterise it just becomes a clone tool of sorts. Is there any way to work with the tool showing on the image?
  6. Ah ok, so you didn't find it constantly gobbled up more and more space then? If it stays at 15gb I can live with that if they plan to enable removal of tutorials and samples.
  7. Krist, i think the problem, that concerns me is the fact the app takes up space and doesn't release the full space back even after work is finished and the photos are transferred off the iPad.
  8. I'll check that out thanks. Hopefully it shows dodging and burning using the brush tool rather than the actual Dodge burn tool. However I'm looking into this apparent memory holding problem this app is reported to have before purchasing.
  9. I was quite excited in switching to the ipad and infinity to develop my images but this storage problem is quite worrying. Is there any fix to this being done? im certainly not using this app if its going to cause issues with my storage space. if only i read about this issue before ordering my 128gb ipad mainly after watching videos on being able to finally use a full blown editor on a tablet!!!!
  10. first day testing this out on pc ready for ipad purchase. Does anyone know if its possible to create a 50% grey overlay layer mask but be able to use white and black brush to burn or dodge the image? dont like the standard burn dodge tools. TIA, ric

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