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  1. try this it worked for me with defender received_2462139217265172.webpreceived_249728176772250.webpreceived_156273916221193.webpreceived_156273916221193.webp received_722330295321527.webp
  2. Mine was not from windows store it was from affinity store original and beta
  3. Just found that the brushes and tools aren't working properly either I've temp downloaded the beta version till its sorted that all works fine but still can't access the overlays and other bits
  4. Uninstalled and reinstalled still the same and never asked for license details again
  5. bought from site updated to 1.9 wont let me access the extra content same as everone else only running win defender
  6. OK thank you removed it and started photo and it asked for my details done and verified as correct once again thanks for everyone's help mark
  7. Looks like it originally for the beta version but the key worked on none beta version
  8. Yes found it when I right click on it I only get open link in new tab. Open link in new window. Save link. Copy link address. Inspect if I go inspect and I've tried changing detail it will let me change then it reverts back to old key
  9. trying to remove an old key which was put on the machine by previous owner when i bought it i then found out it was ilegal copy so bought the legit version and when i load it it keeps using the old key wont allow me to delete old key or alter the details im running windows 10 on a surface pro
  10. wont let me alter details or delete help please
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