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  1. "Then tell Apple about your concerns because the popup is coming from the OS, not from the Affinity app." I'm happy to know Apple provides that info. So my concern was not with them. I have never before had a software trying to record my computer screen.
  2. "Catalina (and obviously Bug Sir as well) is totally paranoid." Excuse me, but being faced with a pop-up out of the blue that says that a software "would like to record this computer's screen" without any further explanation does merit concern.
  3. "As every so often, that Apple "advisor" didn't have a clue." Why should I doubt Apple over Serif? "You know as they say: If everything else fails, read the FAQ'in FAQ." So we have to waste time doing a search to find a post on a forum from 2 years ago? Wouldn't it be much more respectful for Serif to explain this to users within the software?
  4. I've also had that happen. It is something I have never seen happen with any other software. It is creepy unsettling behavior.
  5. "Rasterize"...Ugh....I forgot all about it. Yes, thanks so much firstdefence and h_d for your kind help.
  6. I'm almost embarrassed to ask this. I'm sure the answer is a simple one, but I'm stumped. I'm working in Affinity Photo. I simply need to punch out a hole in a layer. I have a blue colored layer on top of a white layer. I need to punch out a circle in the blue layer so I see the white layer below. In any other photo editing program I would simple drag out a circle on the blue layer with the elliptical marquee tool and then delete. Simple and logical as can be. But I'm not getting anywhere with Affinity Photo. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
  7. Could anyone explain what this is all about? I would appreciate it. Thank you. (I clicked on "don't allow". Of course.)
  8. When I'm frustrated with Affinity Photo, I always remember the old axiom: "You get what you pay for".
  9. Thank you R C-R I work on my files directly from the hard drive. As I do with every other program. My advice to Serif: quit with the slick advertising and adding new features that few people need. Fix the bugs and quirky performance issues first..
  10. Oh my. I'm working on a project, working and saving to an external drive. As I work I save everything to a Samsung T7 drive connected to my Mac M1. All of my files rest there. So far I've had no trouble opening files. Nothing corrupted. But am I taking a risk? I'd appreciate any opinion on this.
  11. "As I mentioned above, even if you have things all set up correctly with 'pixel snap' on some other setting override this and give you fractional pixel placements anyway. Once you know what's going on you can figure stuff out but it's controlled by far too many individual settings at the moment and many of the settings conflict with each other." A pro workflow should be designed with as few clicks, surprises and interruptions as possible. Time is money. The software is very low cost and the company is offering months of free use so they deserve praise and understanding for that.
  12. "Neither of your pixel layers is aligned to the pixel grid. Here's what the Transform panel shows for the top layer, when the document units are switched to "px": In any photo editing program...PS, Gimp, Photopea whatever...the simple act of merging layers causes no loss of quality. It would never dawn on me to fool around with pixel alignment. I lost hours of work with this. Sefif has very slick advertising, but the program is not designed for professional work.
  13. Thank you for your reply. This is a detail of the document. Merge the top layer down while zoomed in closely on one of the images. You will see the blurring. PROVA_AFFINITY.afphoto
  14. I need to merge down images onto one layer. It is not a stack of images that merge on top of one another but instead the images lie side by side. I was shocked to see that merging process creates a blur. I was not aware of this until I zoomed in closely, but that was after hours of work. Doing a search I now see others experience the same problem. And it's not a small one. I really want to like Affinity but between the bugs and quirks the program can be trying.
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