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  1. I agree! Puppet warp is basic function for complitly migrate from PH to AP.
  2. After some month that I change my workflow from 3ds Max to Blender and hours of research I have found a solution that work for my workflow. In Blender I work with this Color Management settings: Display Device: ACES View Transform: sRGB Look: None Exposure: this parameter can be change if you use Photographer add-on because that change the exposure like on a real DSLR camera. Gamma: 1 Sequencer: ACES - ACEScg In Affinity Photo Open the exr Go to 32-bit Preview Make sure that you have Display transform on ICC Display Transform, Exposure = 0, Gamma = 1 Select top layer Add Exposure Adjustment in case you have chance Exposure in Blender - Color Managmente settings Add OCIO Adjustment: Source: ACES - ACEScg; Destination: Output - sRGB Add OCIO Adjustment: Source: Utility - Curve -sRGB; Destination: ACES - ACES 2065-1 Here my afmacros. Let me know if that solution helps someone. Blender - ACES Adjustments.zip
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