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  1. I have been using Right2left fixer, it works well.
  2. REname your styles as HTML tags in Publisher... It is a pain but you can structure PDFs in Acrobat DC.Look at document Structure in Acrobat DC. It would so much better if Serif got on board. The good news is that an ePub uses HTML and CSS as well as accessible documents .... it is all about document structure and syntax.
  3. I've attempted to create a spreadsheet (numbers converted to CSV) and my stumbling block is file path for images. My Mac Harddrive is called MacintoshHD and the folder is called Documents2 within is a folder called Jewelry and another folder called images I've tried: MacintoshHD/Documents2/Jewelry/images but the images do not get linked. MacintoshHD:Documents2/Jewelry/images Can you help? What is the correct way to write a file path on MacOS? A tutorial file on creating a data merge spreadsheet would be fantastic. I'd write one if I could
  4. Actually Walt I do not see it so much a feature request rather that when creating a grid or guide the program can use the snap to function based on an LCD not just random amounts decided by the user. If 17 point leading is chosen, that being a prime number therefore all elements would have to work to increments of 17, 34 51 etc. If 16 leading was used then the increments could be based on an LCD of 2 points [a bit impractical] or 4 or 8 pts. So a 17 pt head would then need a line increment minimum of 20 or better yet 24 points combining leading and space after. Graphic elements as well. This
  5. Excellent typographic layout is an understanding the interrelationships between line increments [leading, ± space before and / or after paragraphs], and image placement with captions and other elements to the baseline grid. The ten typographic variables play a vital role in making all of this work. To begin; the value of the total line increment will determine the lowest common denominator for “vertical justification” or balancing columns. The key here is that all elements on the page have to be divisible by this LCD. The incremental depth [leading] of the baseline grid, the images, imag
  6. It would be nice if we could lock the view so it does not scroll L 2 R or U 2 D.
  7. Yes for Hebrew even with diacritics and other Right to Left language support.
  8. This is necessary to meet Canadian Standards, the US ADA, and others. Besides when you make documents accessible everyone benefits. Professor Shecter MFA RGD
  9. absolute necessity... besides it also is HTML & CSS thus web and ePub. win Win WIN....
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