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  1. I love using the separated mode.
    The only issue I have with it is, I have Affinity Photo's toolbar along the top. So sometimes when I open an image the top 1/4 of it appears under the toolbar, so I then have to then drag it out from under there. Is there any way to stop images from appearing under there? If not, I'd love to see images forced to only open where they won't be obscured by any of the UI.

  2. So peculiar, the way it looks fine in finder and Clickteam Fusion where the image came from, but in Affinity Photo it's upside down and back to front. I tried flipping it both vertically then horizontally which made it look fine in Affinity but then the wrong way everywhere else. So thanks for the tip about resetting rotation. Exported it after that and it looks fine everywhere now.

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