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  1. I too am in favour of light mode in Affinity's iPad versions, I hope we'll get it soon!
  2. Hi @stokerg, Thank you for your answer. I did find a way of making it work by using sub-brushes, but had to do it on the desktop version to then transfer it to my iPad. However, if multiple controllers could be set for brush size in the future, that would be wonderful! Also, is there a reason why sub-brushes are supported on the iPad but can not be created on the iPad? Would love to see that feature included in the iPad version as well! For those interested, here is an example of my prototype brush. All these strokes are done within one brush stroke each. So now I can use pressure as
  3. Thank you @MEB. Ah, what a shame! I shared some thoughts (and a mockup) on brush management in another forum post, if you're interested to hear them.
  4. I agree. AF needs to have better brush management capabilities. It was something Photoshop users had to wait a very long time on. I hope AF doesn't let us wait as long as PS did with their costumers! I suggest making it possible to create sub-categories within categories. A 'sort by ...' button in the hamburger menu would also be helpful (for example 'sort alphabetically'). Another thing that would make brushes more manageable is to let users choose how they want the brushes to appear in the brush panel (by stroke only, by name only, by brush tip only, ... or a combination of these things
  5. Hi MEB, So 3 years later and there still seems to be no way to show the names of brushes? Or am I missing a setting that should be turned on?
  6. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to use pressure and tilt simultaneously for controlling brush size? I currently have set up my brush to use tilt for controlling the size, and when I need pressure I turn on the 'force pressure' button, that way I can switch back and forth. However, in Procreate it is possible to use pressure and tilt simultaneously for controlling brush size, so was wondering if Affinity could as well? If not, is there possibly a shortcut or gesture that can be set up for the 'force pressure' button? Louis
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