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  1. Dear All, Please advise me if I’m wrong, its seems like a bug that I cannot independently move the object with Countour Tool after I have created it through Boolean Operating (Add objects) as I cannot see the menu “Create Compound” in Ipad , the problem is All the objects have in grouped it then I can’t move the independently of the part of the object (3 Circles), however with Affinity Designer for Windows I can did it. Please see the attached screen recording For the information I use Affinity Designer version 1.9.1 (build 1.9.7) & iPAD OS: 14.4 Awaiting the advis and information Thanks & B/regards, RPReplay_Final1614913359.MP4
  2. Thanks Sean for your explanation, however I never seen before the design of the slider like this. If you don’t hesistate would you give me the user guide reffer of it. Best regards,
  3. I found seems like a bug in Affinity Designer version, that the Slider of Brush Editing looks broken slider as per screen shot attached. Please investigate it. Thanks & B/regards,
  4. Dear All, Recently my Affinity Publisher ver on Windows 10 20H2 64 bit sudently crash (shutdown) when I change the existing document Color Format from US Web Coated (SWOP ) V2 to Coated Fogra 39 and change the document Layout from Facing Page (Right) to Non Facing Page Left position. It’s never accident with previous version 1.8.6. For additional information please see the screen capture attached. Thanks & Regards, Affinity_Publisher_1.9.1.197_Crash.mp4
  5. Before buy something you should consider about at least two factors: The Price & The Function. if you just chase a "Shape Builder" and you have to pay much more, then it becomes useless. Perhaps in there also want “The Studio Link” like Affinity have it...😉 I think Affinity Serif has thinked to add this feature with their own style (not the “The Shape Builder name) and take a time to implement it...perhaps in the next version...
  6. My suggestion, grab this opportunity to get these products immediately as the price very more value.
  7. For some reason The Books available in Digital would be nice as some region not covered for the shiping, another to be dilema as the digital can easy to duplicat it.
  8. The only think I still feel sad is...The Workbook I can’t buy it due to no ship to my region...otherwise I would like to buy All of the Workbook....😣
  9. Yes right, just UNSUBCRIBE.👍
  10. For me promote trough email is ok, this is one methode to campaign the Product and you can forward to your friend as the information that there are the Product alternatif with cheaper price perhaps your friend not yet know the Affinity products, if you wish not want receive the email again in the future you can set in as junk email. Regards,
  11. You should export as JPEG with High Resolution in Export menu with 300 dpi.
  12. Dear All, Thank you for your explanation, I will comeback after try it wit simple document.
  13. Thanks for your reply, yes I have add the empty text frame as per shown in clip, however the Word document seems broken, for the clear information I attach the new clip. Awaiting the advise. Capture 01.wmv
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