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  1. Please find attached screen shot to show Undo/Redo button, you go to Preference menu then Select "Interface" you can find Show Undo/Redo Buttons.
  2. Thanks Sean, We hope this issue will fix in the next update, as this issue has been occurred since retail version 1.9.
  3. The Contour Object Broken when group it and moving, however it didn't broke when selected the layer in Affinity Publisher ver (Betta Version), as video below. Contour Tools Broken.wmv Awaiting the information about this phenomenon. Best regards,
  4. You have good chance as Affinity give the discount with amazing prices... please grab it don't let you regret missing this moment.😉
  5. @anto, there are new version of Publisher in retail is version, you can try this instead of your your still using the old Betta Version ( Regards,
  6. Same to me, there are no issue found in the PDF file, I'm using the monitor with full HD (1920x1080dpi), the font look same. did you tried to print out this sample @Holz? then you can compare the result. Here is the PDF in my screen monitor:
  7. Can you share your afpub (Affinity Publisher) you have created above file here... instead of PDF file.
  8. Yes it could be ignored when printing, therefore I difficult to solve it by my self. Please submit this case to the Developer so this bug can solve it in the next patch update. Thanks for your advice today.
  9. Dear all, I got the problem when create a product brochure that The cutting of objects / images is not in the right position (not the inline with Registration Mark) on the Right Facing Page spread model, leaving the part of the object / image on the print media sheet to the other page when print it as a booklet, as the example attached I have trying several time to fix it however the problem still occur, I don't know this a bug or not. Please advise me. Thanks & B/regards, *The Sheet have the wrong cut of the object/image (could be leave a part of that object to the next page on the other sheet) *The Part of the object/image for the next sheet have the correct inline position with Registration Mark. *The Layout of the brochure
  10. Dear all, It could be probably came from the monitor which the monitor could not interpreted the Colour Profile made by calibration, on my Desktop It didn't any cased with the calibration. Yes the age of Monitor can influence the calibration therefore there are the option to calibrate every month up to six months to re-calibrate it. Thanks anyone for your advice, so I would decide to still use the Calibrate Colour Profile. 🙏
  11. Thanks Sean for your kind advice, with select Color Profile to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 now back to normal, however I got another problem that my monitor/laptop have calibrated with Spyder that they made own color profile base on the calibration, I try to delete the Spyder's profile then make a calibration again, and with color profile made by calibration the problem still occurred.... for the information the calibration result around 65% to match the sRGB and for Adobe RGB only 45%. Please advise if there any solution to solve it, or I should still use the Color Profile made by the Calibration ? Thanks & B/regards,
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