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  1. Some advice please on the best way to achieve the following. I have attached a sample product photo from eBay that should be relatively easy to select all the yellow/green colour and recolour it but I have had very limited success with all the selection tools. Using the colour selection tool and playing around with thresholds has given me very rough selections and even the smart selection brush wants to select all shadows and parts of the white background. Some of the selections actually gave me weird results when trying the recolour adjustment i.e. the new colour seemed washed out or not the deep colour I was needing. The best result I got was to use the flood fill selection tool, select the white background and then invert the selection. This lets me use the recolour adjustment to adjust the hue of the bag but of course that also includes the likes of the black strap fittings and logo so I to duplicate the base layer first and then delete out these areas from the recolour layer. Any suggestions on the best way to select only the coloured material of the bag so this can be recoloured?
  2. Thanks for confirming. Can this be added as a feature request please as I think it would be very beneficial? Thanks, Andy.
  3. Hi Miguel, Either would work. Just when you select feather, the crawling ants line rounds at the corners but you have no way of seeing how far the feature is impacting the selection unless you can see the selection mask unless I am missing something which I am sure I am.
  4. If a photo is imported from Photos, it would be good if you had the Save over the original photo option where you are prompted to allow the app to modify the photo. This is a feature that Pixelmator has and is a real time saver if your intention was to replace the original image in the first place when working on a number of images. it is also not permanent in the sense that if you go into the modified photo in Photos, you can tap on the edit button then tap revert to switch back to the original photo instead of the modified version.
  5. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but how can I view a selection mask? I realise a mask is shown if I go into refine selection but what I'm looking for is a view of the selection as I use the likes of the feather tool.
  6. Macros are being touted as coming in the next beta due in the next few days as per the beta forum.
  7. Which version of 12.9 is it - 1st or 2nd gen? Have you tried restarting the iPad? Is it just newly set up? I've got the 2017 model running ios10 and not experienced that behaviour but there could be a few things causing it.
  8. I've not had any problems with the recognition between a single or double tap so far. I would also say that I can hit undo after deleting from the pop up menu so not sure why you couldn't. It isn't a permanent deletion for me.
  9. I second having the undo/redo buttons also on the left side for right handed users. I personally would find it more useful top left though. I guess this is what makes ui design so hard when trying to please everyone.
  10. Would also love the ability to select multiple documents for deletion at the same time from the home page.
  11. It means when you are creating a panorama or HDR image or another type of image where you start with two or more images, that you can select all the time images you need in one go instead of importing each image individually before creating your panorama or whatever ever type you are creating.
  12. Can't say I have had that issue although I have been running the beta version. I have been able to import Nikon RAW files from 3 different cameras, quickly without issue. I'll check the app store version this evening when back home but I doubt the build has changed.
  13. Not sure if this is a bug or just me not using the app correctly but if I use the selection from hue menu option in the selections persona and say select greens, it seems to select much more than the visible greens in the image. There is no context panel to alter the threshold. Is this something I am doing wrong? I also find using the select from colour dropper option from the left menu is hard to use. it seems to start selecting other colours before all the greens have been selected regardless of the threshold adjustment.
  14. Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, 1.6.3 is now available on the app store as of this morning.
  15. V1.6.3 may be going to the app store today as posted in the beta forum which means it will show up in the next few days once reviewed - I wouldn't expect a quick turn around today with the US holiday.
  16. Excellent turn around in the betas Andy with a lot of issues quickly resolved. Looking forward to the next. Cheers, Andy.
  17. Previously it was scaling the 9.7" screen resolution up to fill the 10.5" screen resolution. Now, we should have a slightly clearer/finer UI and more space in the edit viewport to work on an image i.e. you will see a little bit more of an image at the same zoom level when working on it.
  18. There are bugs, this is to be expected with such a new release - it's been out less than a month. I disagree that this is beta level, I have been through countless images in the app store version without issue. A lot of it will come down to the image being used and what task is being performed and of course if you do encounter something then report it. There have been so many fixes in the beta version so far, both large and small that show that Affinity are very good at addressing issues and a lot of these issues will only come via public feedback - it is the very reason that Apple offer a public beta of iOS these days. Frankly, I think this app is more than value for money.
  19. I was playing around with a shot of wedding rings and on closer inspection, there is some purple fringing around the highlights. I found the defringe option under develop so selected it and adjusted the hue and was mightily impressed that it managed to not only completely remove the fringing but also had no impact on the colours of the out of focus flowers in the background. Kudos for a well implemented feature. Also, thanks for native 10.5 support in the latest beta. :)
  20. Hi Justin, thanks for the response. As an FYI, I have just tried the transformation then switching back to the hand tool without hitting render but it still crashes when you hit apply. Cheers, Andy.
  21. Yup, been playing with the portrait mode in the beta and while it wasn't something I was specifically after at this time, I really appreciate the benefit when working on a portrait image without the need for as much pan and zoom. Working very well here.
  22. Found an issue with Panoramas that appears to be 100% repeatable: Load some images for a panorama. Once rendered, click the transform tool and make any minor transformation. Render the panorama. Now hit apply and the app will crash. This will happen with only 2 or more images and this is happening with JPGs straight from an iPhone 6s. If I load the same images but don't use the transformation tool, I can hit apply and the panorama is successfully saved.
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