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  1. firstgear

    Panorama crashes on 33 photo merge

    No problem.....if you need me to try anything, I will check back daily and will be glad to help out in any way. Thank you! Herb
  2. firstgear

    Panorama crashes on 33 photo merge

    My iPad has close to 400gb as I have the new 512 version. My old 12.9 as well as my 9.7 iPad Pro were able to put it together.....strange!
  3. firstgear

    Panorama crashes on 33 photo merge

    In the process of uploading. I didn't have a problem with the Gen I 12.9 iPad, but the latest and just shipped crashed. I look forward to your comments and thoughts.
  4. I had previously reported that the panorama program crashed when building a 33 photo composition. Then the recent version came out and all was good on my iPad Pro 9.7. i received my new iPad Pro 12.9 today and have tried to build the same panorama and when it was "rendering panorama" right before going to the edit page the program crashed. I tried this several times and sure enough each time it crashed. Just checked it again on my 9.7 iPad Pro and all works fine. you need the new iPad Pro that was just shipped to test this on. If you need me to send the 33 photos in again I can. I tried some compositions with fewer photos and was able to get 11 photos to go. Not sure what is going on, but there is an issue. Also, I tried the pencil with the clone tool and that was a problem where it was difficult to get it to go, after fussing it did work but after a few clone attempts it crashed. Let me me know if you need photos.
  5. AHHHH, I figured out how to select more than one at a time. When selecting the first photo in the upper right there is a SELECT button you can press, then that lets you select every photo on the iPad that you want to. When you press OK, all your selections are listed on the Panorama page....straight forward from there.....
  6. Selecting one photo at a time is a major PIA! iPad has the ability to select more than one photo at a time to send via AirDrop. Why cant you mimic this approach? Putting together a 24 photo panorama by selecting one photo at a time is really a very poor approach and makes one want to avoid using the program to do this. This would be a real improvement! Panorama works well now....add this enhancement!
  7. Approximately when is the next update planned for?
  8. I was asked to upload but nothing worked from this site for me....I thought the DROPBOX was a general use...my apologies.
  9. firstgear

    Can't stitch raw files

    For the AP gang, your tutor videos say that making panoramas from RAW files is possible. FYI
  10. firstgear

    Can't stitch raw files

    When I tried my 33 photo panorama I experienced the same thing in terms of crashing. 5 photos to be stitched worked fine. I know of no work around for this. There is a work around on making panoramas if you load the photos from your ipad, you must load one photo, any photo from the cloud after loading the files from the ipad. Turn on the sliders for the ipad photos and leave off the slider for the cloud photo. This workaround works. But do the load in the order I mentioned, the opposite way does not work.
  11. I bought the 12.9 Ipad Pro Version I when it first came out hoping that the Photoshop CC version would be what I wanted. However the implementation left a lot to be desired. I ended up buying a Surface Pro 4 to put it on. I still wanted something to use on my ipads. I have the 12.9 as noted above and the 9.7 iPad Pro for when I was traveling. There was a discussion on Fred Miranda about ipads vs. Surface products. This program came up and for $20 I thought I would give it a shot. I look forward to being part of the journey.
  12. firstgear

    Adding multiple photos to stack.

    Hopefully where multiple photos are pulled from (i.e. ipad) that a number can be pulled at one time.....no matter where they are being pulled from.
  13. firstgear

    iPad App Crashing Randomly

    I have also experienced crashing when using RAW when I try to export to my iPad. After the program crashes, if I close the program out completely and then re-open I can then export that file as I was trying to do previously. This was with Canon 1Dx RAW file I was trying to save to my iPad as a jpeg.

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