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  1. Another vote for this. The ability to use AP as an extension for iPad Photos would make up for some of the deficiencies in file management in AP.
  2. Yes, I’ve seen this video. It’s a good technique but you are limited to how many images you can capture before trails will start to appear once stacked. You are also more or less forced to use a higher ISO to start with introducing extra noise that you are trying to defeat in the first place. It’s all a balancing act I guess but star alignment would be a great addition imho.
  3. There are some stacking options in AP but I would love to see star stacking for astrophotography that would automate star alignment. Is this something that could be implemented?
  4. I was watching the excellent Tone Mapping Portraits tutorial by @James Ritson and was curious how to achieve the invert layer on the iPad when applying the unsharp mask and high pass filters so you can paint in the effect only on the eye region. Does anyone know how this is done? Alternatively a version of the tutorial for the iPad would be a great comparison video.
  5. Does anyone wish to see this improved or is it something the Affinity team can address?
  6. I've been playing with the Motion Blur Filter to blur clouds in the sky similar to a very long exposure. The range of motion does seem quite limited though and I would love to see this increased so we can add more perceived motion when blurring. Same would apply to the desktop version as well.
  7. You might want to upload that to the dropbox account with the camera details as per the original request.
  8. Hi MEB. I need to apologise because I thought there was a tolerance slider on the Smart Selection Tool in Photo and there isn't. I thought there was a disparity between the two apps - got to love my attention to detail! Thanks, Andy.
  9. Not sure if I have missed this somewhere but it seems the Smart Selection tool has no threshold option? If so, is this something that can be added? I had an issue with a solid block of colour and the selection spilling into an adjacent colour. I could correct this by using the subtract option and clicking on the adjacent colour but a threshold option should avoid this scenario. Oh, and congrats on Designer for the iPad. I don't have a huge need for it but after being so impressed with Photo, Designer was an instant purchase for me.
  10. No, any camera where you might process the images with Affinity Photo.
  11. I think it has been mentioned a few times but lens or subject matter are irrelevant for this request. All that is required is a raw file from the camera.
  12. +1 for this. I'm sure others have raised this and ideally we need a way to select and manage multiple images. I would also love a list view instead of thumbnails or the option for smaller thumbnails to make managing a lot of images easier too.
  13. To rotate an image, in the Photo persona, click the second icon at the top left (Sheet of paper with corner turned over and 3 dots inside) and select orientation > rotate.
  14. Just uploaded another 2 zips. One with JPG, RAW & RAW+JPG from Sony RX10 iv. The other with JPG, RAW+JPG compressed, RAW + JPG uncompressed, RAW compressed & RAW uncompressed from Fujifilm X-T20.
  15. Just uploaded a zip containing one each of JPG, RAW+JPG & RAW from Sony RX10 iii.
  16. Just uploaded samples from Nikon D7200, Sony A6000, Sony RX100 III & DJI Mavic Pro. Please let me know if you need additional content such as different lenses, specific scenes including shadows or high contrast and also please feel free to assist our speculation!
  17. A little video tutorial on this would be very welcome by the community I’m sure as it is a neat solution.
  18. This is no longer an issue, video is not shown when importing from Photos.
  19. FYI. AP is still loading the original image from Photos, even if you make edits in Photos first i.e. AP does not load the latest version of an image from Photos so I couldn’t even bump the shadows in Photos first before passing to AP for further editing.
  20. Hi Justin, just tried again and still happening with both RAW and JPG, even if I convert the jpg to 32/HDR first before going to develop. I have attached both a RAW and jpg for you to check. Given the proximity of the sparkles, it looks like it is greatly amplifying sensor noise. I have uploaded 2 samples to https://www.dropbox.com/sh/41q98oex0dwph2l/AAA6KzK2HhjPqHRBvqPDdHOia?dl=0
  21. Unfortunately today’s new beta has made no difference to this issue.
  22. Patrick, I've had email problems recently. Can you PM me on here instead and I'll share shipping details. It was me, right?
  23. Are you on the latest beta as well? I'll try the retail version when I get home to compare.
  24. Yup, that is with shadows at 1%. It gets much worse as you increase the shadows.
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