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  1. Hello Affinity, I created this template to allow myself to easily print my personal checks from home (in a business check format). The .zip folder includes the .txt file instructions (which you MUST read first), the .afphoto generic check, and the MICR font folder pack that I downloaded for this template (freeware). If you use the same checks that I ordered from Amazon, this template has been measured with a MICR ruler for accuracy. You must read the instructions for more details and disclaimers. You're welcome. Affinity Photo Business Check Template Pack Upload.zip
  2. I have purchased check stock paper (1 check per page) but I don't use Quick Books and EVERYTHING out there seems to cost lots of money for some sort of business suite thing or a monthly subscription. I only ever write occasional checks and I thought that maybe someone out there had written an editable check template in Affinity photo. I know that the format has to be somewhat standard and that the MICR line HAS to have certain formatting/dimensions or else it could get rejected by banks.
  3. So I am once again having the very same issue. I had previously gone back in and re-ticked that check box once the update came out that you had mentioned. I had not noticed any issues for a while until today when one of my photos reproduced those random white horizontal lines every time I exported its .jpg until I unchecked that box once again. The issue then stopped. Just thought that I would let you know that that previous update apparently did not fix the problem or perhaps subsequent updates over-wrote that fix at some point.
  4. Oh wow, thank you for the explanation; that makes sense. So can I turn this feature back on after you update that and issue an Affinity update or should I always just leave it off?
  5. In the last day, for the first time after months and months of exporting hundreds of photos in this program, this issue has come up. It has so far appeared in the only settings I have been using for exports in the last day: jpg photo exports, 768 x (maintain aspect ratio), 80 percent quality, uncheck embed icc profile, uncheck embed metadata. Every other setting is at default. As you can see, the white lines appear in the exported photos. The white lines are not in the originals or in the file when open in Affinity Photo. This is happening so often now with these settings that it seems to randomly be about 1/3 photos. I have used the same settings for many of my previous photos as well without this issue. Even more strange, when I attempt to upload the photos with the white lines here, Affinity shows an error popup that says "-200" an d a browser console inspection reveals "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()". These files are simple jpgs and they upload to my website ore anywhere else just fine. I disabled my adblocker and no other extensions could possibly cause this. So, unfortunately, I had to upload a screenshot of one of the pictures to work around this garbage. I just bought this computer recently. It has 16GB ram, and an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1035G1 CPU @ 1.00GHz 1.19 GHz processor with integrated graphics. I tried only having a few photos open at a time in Affinity to make sure it was not a processing overload sort of issue. The problem still happens.
  6. Lol, leave it to coding forum posters to sideline the entire point and chime in to say that this feature would turn the entire world as we know it upside down just to try to shoot someone down to... idk... feel better about themselves or something, lolol. This thread is so off topic now. I just want to say that I have some coding experience too and good point @HuniSenpai. I think the point being made is being lost on the details. This feature is missing in Affinity and should have long since been implemented, whether it takes 30 mins or multiple days for them to do so.
  7. @AffinityMakesMeSmile @fde101 Although I figured out a workaround and so have others here, the workarounds are tedious and annoying when this is usually a core feature (either via key command or a top menu button) in any other mainstream photo editor I have worked with. It's not that there is not a workaround; it's the simple fact that it's the year 2020 and a workaround for such a simple command is needed.
  8. It is now 07/25/2020 and still, this most basic of features is not added. -_____- This feature is absolutely CRITICAL when working with logo designs. It basically makes the program unusable for logo design.
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