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    bg-affinity reacted to Tupaia in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    Affinity also really needs a plugin interface. If it had, someone would have slapped on that stupid DWG/DXF importer (and exporter, too) in no time.
    It stinks that affinity has this somewhat hermetic attitude towards features. Saying as a user that advertises it since years, and uses it whenever possible.
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    bg-affinity reacted to Ajax in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    I have to say I was very surprised that importing a DXF into Designer wasn't just a given. Plenty before me have posited very solid arguments about why this should be part of the software, I suppose the question now is whether it will get done?
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    bg-affinity reacted to stephen.p in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    My boss was pretty hyped about Designer until he realised it doesn’t handle dxf or dwg. I’ve been impressed with most of the features but this is definitely a major shortcoming.
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    bg-affinity reacted to DKNsi in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    DXF import/export will be probably introduced in version 2.x as strongest possible reason to upgrade. If Serif will switch to subscription license model before dxf implementation, we can forget on Affinity ever  becoming makers/DIY tool.
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    bg-affinity reacted to umami in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    Still no DXF support in v1.9. Un-f•king-believable. This is like releasing a word processor that won't read .doc files. After more than six years of stalling, can someone from Serif just acknowledge that this isn't on the roadmap so we can move on?
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    bg-affinity reacted to fjulian79 in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    Happy Birthday dear abandoned Feature, we miss you so mutch
    On top of that nothing else has to be said!!
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    bg-affinity got a reaction from jussi in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    DXF/DWG import AND export:
    For the group of Architects it is quite important to be able to drag DWG/dxf-files into and out (import AND export) all 3 Affinity  modules, (but at least into Affinity Designer). After 6 years of asking, not even a comment whether this is on any roadmap?! Come on!
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    bg-affinity reacted to stefan schwab in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    DXF import and export: The only way to finally get rid of Adobe illustrator.....
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    bg-affinity reacted to schack in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    Look up my post history and you'll see that I've been posting to this forum about DXF/DWG support for Designer almost since the first release and I've never gotten any commitment one way or the other, so I think we can safely assume that its NOT on the roadmap, nor will it ever be. It's just not a feature that's interesting to the segment Serif is targeting as users for Designer.
    Edit: Designer is an amazing tool with many excellent features and tool. Its most glaring weakness was and is still its very limited ability to export vector-formats. PDF and SVG.
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    bg-affinity reacted to Netzbub in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    What an awesome but most of all: smart and intelligent comment!
    Although the goals seem extraordinarily high and ambitious, I appreciate the kind of spirit between the lines.
    If we all were able to approach things that way, there would be no reason left for wars in this world.
    My respect for this kind of contribution. - Thank you.
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    bg-affinity reacted to Mr Fabulous in DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer   
    Ok.  So I decided in 2021 that I should really focus and meditate my good will and and intentions for those long standing issues that affect the lives of so many in hopes that we can overcome these things and truly bring about positive changes in a meaningful way in the world around me.  So as I meditate, I think of, and actively pray for these things:
    1.  A cure for cancer.
    2.  Viable peace plan in the Middle East that is satisfactory and sustainable for the betterment of all sides.
    3.  An end to the corona virus epidemic.
    4.  An end to world hunger.
    5.  The addition of DXF/DXG file import and export capabilities to finally make Affinity Designer a complete solution.
    Ok... that's asking for a lot I realize.  But maybe if even just one of those lofty goals could be accomplished in 2021, the world would be a better place, and our days would be a little brighter, and there would be a renewed faith the world over that we as a species can can accomplish anything that we truly and collectively believe in and set our minds to.  People would dance in the streets, and sing the praises of those who succeed in finding the solutions that could bringing about such significant changes that would positively impact so many.
    If we could solve just one...
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