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  1. Ok. So I decided in 2021 that I should really focus and meditate my good will and and intentions for those long standing issues that affect the lives of so many in hopes that we can overcome these things and truly bring about positive changes in a meaningful way in the world around me. So as I meditate, I think of, and actively pray for these things: 1. A cure for cancer. 2. Viable peace plan in the Middle East that is satisfactory and sustainable for the betterment of all sides. 3. An end to the corona virus epidemic. 4. An end to world hunger. 5. The addition of DXF/DXG file import and export capabilities to finally make Affinity Designer a complete solution. Ok... that's asking for a lot I realize. But maybe if even just one of those lofty goals could be accomplished in 2021, the world would be a better place, and our days would be a little brighter, and there would be a renewed faith the world over that we as a species can can accomplish anything that we truly and collectively believe in and set our minds to. People would dance in the streets, and sing the praises of those who succeed in finding the solutions that could bringing about such significant changes that would positively impact so many. If we could solve just one...
  2. Come on guys. Why does this seem to continue to fall on deaf ears? Most of the work I do involves designing control panels as well as their associated membrane or silkscreen overlays. When I purchased Affinity Designer late last year through the app store, I mistakenly assumed that would import and export DXF files as this file format is required to transfer in and out nearly all industrial design tools, including the ones I use like Altium Designer and SolidWorks. Optimistically, with all of the recent fanfare and positive industry accolades received for Photo and Designer during the couple of years, I felt certain that the development team would certainly see the light and appreciate how critical the need is for such an industry standard file format to be implemented, and that DXF file import and export would surely be added into 1.8. And certainly with its recent successes Affinity would assuredly be able to budget the expense to pay some poor starving coder to get down to brass tacks and get this figured out. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw that it still had not. I agree that Affinity really should provide a response on something that just seems to be so basic and such an unbelievable glaring omission - and for five years of ongoing requests. The lack of DXF import and export sadly has made this purchase unusable for me so far, and I would really like to see that change.
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