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  1. 1.10 is out!😃. Downloaded, installed, File Export ... no DXF 😔. Again no DXF!
  2. DXF import/export will be probably introduced in version 2.x as strongest possible reason to upgrade. If Serif will switch to subscription license model before dxf implementation, we can forget on Affinity ever becoming makers/DIY tool.
  3. Bought AD to replace Corel. Today I found there is no DXF export for Laser, CNC, CAD, Cutter... Even free Inkscape can do it, it is so basic, I didn't even check before buying AD. Calling local Corel seller for upgrade. Beside some basic missing features (contour - simple implementation), I really like AD for speed. Everything else I can do in Corel, yes, for 15 times more money...
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