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    AJKS got a reaction from vonBusing in Getting the Customer Beta to recognise purchased application   
    The beta clearly needs to say something like "This beta is currently at the same level of  development as the full App Store version, so it has been disabled. Please continue to use the full App Store version and check the forum for new betas (and give the link)." Come on guys this is a no-brainer by now. Your existing system is counter-intuitive.
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    AJKS got a reaction from stokerg in Question about iterative drawing   
    Thanks Stokerg,
    Symbols does exactly what I was thinking of.
    I might have seen that other program on GitHub or SourceForge or MacPorts, I have been searching for it for hours to no avail.
    Thanks again
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    AJKS got a reaction from MJSfoto1956 in DAM Features   
    Ability to handle fonts as well
    Ability to do face recognition (on photos and in movies too?)
    Ability to autotag based on image metadata
    Ability to handle 4K video
    Ability to handle PDFs?
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