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  1. @waveman777, thanks for putting reference on this. That's helpful for now but only poses as a temporary solution. We'd still want to have the affinity team implement the on-spot eyedropper. :)
  2. MEB, we truly understand as well. Designing and developing software is not a walk in the park. So we appreciate you pulling in the list of features to implement directly from us (users) — really looking forward to have the eyedropper tool fixed!
  3. We badly need the eyedropper shortcut: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9860-eyedropper/?hl=picker&p=42323
  4. Please please please add this to feature list. This is what hindering me.
  5. Is there a way of picking color via droplet style similar to photoshop. Like using the picker to point and click on the color in an existing image / drawing (then pushing that into the swatch) Dragging the picker to a point seem a bit strange just to pick the color and actually one of the feature that hinders me from moving 100% to affinity as it breaks my worklfow.
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