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  1. Hey @GarryP could you please check on Win whether it is possible to scroll viewport while selecting objects with move tool? Seems not to be working on Mac at all Screen_Recording_2021-01-15_at_22_37_45.mov
  2. May be the timeout is calculated differently on mac. By the way my mac is on M1 chip, don't know if it matters. I have a PC, but have to buy another license to use AD there.
  3. Oh, It scrolls actually. After moving an element outside viewport i have to wait for a while and then it scrolls. Thank you 👍🏻
  4. Hello, In Affinity Designer 1.8.6 (Mac version) when I drag an object and the mouse pointer reaches a viewport border it should scroll viewport in that direction, but nothing happens. Not sure if this feature is implemented, but It seems obvious scenario for me since it works this way in other apps. I work with mouse and keyboard. I just want to know whether this feature is implemented and I should turn it of somehow in settings? Thanks
  5. Hello, I wonder is it a bug or feature. When I delete the artboard it stays visible. It the same time vectors are invisible outside deleted artboard. Please look at the screenshot 1 - no artboard in Layers panel, but it's shown and icons are invisible. But if I add another artboard (screenshot 2), the first disappears and icons become visible even those which are outside the new artboard. And the real problem is with svg export. It seems that it exports paths with relative coordinates to the first (deleted) artboard. Could someone please explain the logic behind deleted a
  6. Heh. I also made it some time ago, but forgot. Now I'm googling again
  7. Hello, I can't find where to paste a colour hex code I'm wondering is it a bug? I've just drawn a rectangular and clicked "Fill" in top bar. I have a colour hex code in the clipboard, but I can't find where I could paste in. Affinity publisher 1.8.3
  8. for divide I expect 2 shapes. Sorry I came from Illustrator and I'm trying to figure out the logic of this operations in AD. Please try my file from the previous post. I don't get donut - just three circles Screen_Recording_2020-05-11_at_18_49_18.mov
  9. Sorry for the delay. Here's a sample file. test.afdesign I've checked Layer -> Fill mode. When it is in Alternate mode it seems the subtract is working. But still can't get Divide operation to work.
  10. Thank you for the suggestions. I've rebooted my laptop, opened a new document to record a video and it started working. I don't know why it didn't work yesterday. Sorry, guys. I should check the bug multiple times in different documents before posting and will do.
  11. I switch languages with Cmd+Space in other programs and it's set in my OS settings. But in AD it doesn't work. To change input source I have to switch it manually by mouse in the tray
  12. I have two languages (input sources as they call them) in my mac. While typing artistic text, pressing Cmd + Space doesn't change input source. Version 1.8.3
  13. Hello It doesn't subtract if one shape is inside another shape. Please check the video. Version 1.8.3 Screen_Recording_2020-05-08_at_13_01_01.mov
  14. Hello I wonder what is the logic behind operations with simple shapes. I've got 2 bars with outline and would like to merge them into one cross without gap. Could you please give me a hint how can I do that? Thanks
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