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  1. I guess those functions won't be added to split Publisher and Designer goals; so being a beginner in Affinity, I think every piece to design where text takes up most part and for printing purposes, has to be done in Publisher
  2. Thanks for answering I can't believe it, It's so necessary like in Publisher I was designing a trifold for printing and it's very useful to preview it. So I will have to use Publisher for printing items and Designer only for logos and some internet staff; nonsense
  3. I can't find a preview mode in Designer as we have in Publisher using a simple button or keys is there an easy way?
  4. Couple of days with Publisher and Designer, watching tutorials... And I think I will use standalone apps when I have to do a defined work; pictures and web designs for PHOTO, logos and one piece printed works for Designer and several pieces works (catalogues, brochures, magazines...) for Publisher. I think personas in Publisher were created to do up or adapt images and vector objects you want to use in your brochure, for instance; creating a uniform look for the whole piece of work
  5. So I was wrong buying Affinity I did must go for Microsoft It would be possible to do it with Filemaker?
  6. Nice, but what software do you use to open it?
  7. @stokerg So any way to design a product catalog with lots of products doing data merge out of Publisher? Maybe using word, excel or other alternatives and then import the data into Publisher I've just bought Publisher thinking I could do data merge I have to design a catalogue with 5000 items (I can get a excel with description, codes, prices...), and images are provided through the public web URL of the company How would you do the process? Thanks Tone
  8. I think Publisher magage 3 personas with Studio Link because you will need the 3 apps for designing a catalog, for instance. When you use PHOTO or DESIGNER as a stand alone app, I guess you want to edit a photo or create a logo, and then "edit with..." if you want to use it in a future catalog, magazine... In PUBLISHER. The weird thing is that set up of DESIGNER or PHOTO is different depending if you use it as a stand alone app or as a persona in PUBLISHER, I mean they are not connected and the interfaces are different and you don't have the same tools as you want them to be shown; for example, if you install new brushes into DESIGNER as persona in PUBLISHER, you won't have them in DESIGNER stand alone app and the same the other way around... So you have to choose your workflow before starting to work with Affinity apps. I had PHOTO and have just bought DESIGNER and PUBLISHER, and I'm confused; I 'm not sure which is the best option in my workflow 😞
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