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  1. My brush strokes & brushes in Affinity Designer/Photo always have ragged/pixelated/AA-artifacts no matter the resolution of the document. I have made sure I am using the Brush tool and not the pixel brush tool. The same problem consists whether I toggle Windows Ink on/off in either the Wacom settings or Photo/Designer settings. RTX-2080Ti / Wacom Intuous PTH Tablest / Windows 10
  2. Hello Everyone! This applies to both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Every time I make brushstrokes using the Paint Brush tool in the Pixel Persona (on low and hi res documents) it comes off as having pixelated edges. Heck, even looking at my brushes from the brushes panel, they all seem to have these ragged antialiasing pixel edges. I didnt have this problem before. I use one of the latest wacom intuos PTH models and running RTX2080ti if that's relevant. The problem seems to consist regardless of windows ink being disabled or enabled. Someone have a clue? I use Affinity designer for concept art / digital painting workflow.
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