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  1. That's a great point too—I wonder how many users are actually viewing with Acrobat.
  2. Hoping a bump is not inappropriate...surely someone must know if this is possible?
  3. I recently learned that when opening a .PDF file in Acrobat (probably the typical program for most), there are embedded settings that tell it how it should open. These include cover page (or no cover page), fit to page width (or fit to another dimension), continuous scrolling vs. page by page, etc. When sending a digital "book" (for example where you want to have the first page stand alone as a cover, then 2 page spreads), I think these settings are important for professional presentation. But unfortunately, Affinity does not seem to let you change these settings, and it must be done in the paid version of Adobe Acrobat. Is there any way these settings could be incorporated into the PDF export process? Thanks!
  4. I really hope to see this one day but as has been mentioned, probably not until a later (2.x) version. I can only hope at that time they will try to make some real accommodations for designers/architects. Paint bucket fill tool is a big one. But also, Illustrator does .dwg so poorly that there is so much obvious room for improvement. Having to do things like export 2007 .dwg files, which usually only barely open, and are invisible on opening, or scale weirdly, etc. Imagine if someone was actually catering to that crowd...if it wasn't just a begrudging file format addition but actually worked out a tool set aimed at designers. One day! I'll pass on 1.x until then.
  5. Too bad there is no live paint/fill bucket tool as someone on the last page mentioned. Didn't realize that either. Guess they have a ways to go until architects and designers might be interested. For at least me personally, importing is only half-useful if I can't easily make fills once the drawing is inside. I'm kind of surprised, it strikes me as a pretty basic feature for any vector drawing package.
  6. Signed up to add my name to this request... Trust me, nearly every architect and architecture student uses Illustrator to give their AutoCAD .dwg proper lineweights and hatches, and it's not because Illustrator does this well. It doesn't. Please give me an excuse to switch. I've already abandoned PS and ID for Affinity products, please help me cut the Creative Suite cord! I had the software loaded in my cart today until I came here to discover it wouldn't do this. I just can't reasonably buy it without it. Thank you thank you in advance. PS if anyone has tips on a workflow even with an intermediary I'm all ears...
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