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  1. I finished a similar edit (not the same file though) with OpenCL off and it didn't exhibit the artifacts.
  2. Just uploaded the files Hardware acceleration was on. Will give it a try with one off.
  3. After a while Affinity photo starts showing some color artifacts when I use several LUTs that a grouped and mask applied. Artifacts appear where mask transitions from white to black, in midtone area, and happens only after I work with a file for a while. Restarting Affinity Photo helps for some period of time. Seems like it also affected by having other files open - more likely to happen.
  4. Affinity photo 1.9 crashes while using a patch tool. It is fine when patch area is small, but once it gets a larger it crashes 10 out of 10 times.
  5. To be fair, currently it can be done via blend ranges, but of course it will be common for the whole adjustment layer. Can't be done for color selections individually.
  6. From what I see - no. You can specify hue range of color you want to affect, but not saturation. There is a walk around for this - mask can be created based on saturation, but this is inconvenient at least. For example in Capture One (see attachment) you can define saturation range to edit.
  7. How about HSL adjustment that allows to control a saturation range as well, similar to advanced color tool in Capture one?
  8. Did anyone mentioned Fill slider that would work with special blend modes similar to photoshop?
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