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  1. How do I change the "color" window from HSL to RGB?
  2. On a Mac, the "thumbnail" or "file preview" shows important info like the dimensions of an image. It also shows the dimensions of PSD files, but not for Affinity files. Even if I open the INFO window, it doesn't show it. Is this a bug or is there some setting that has to be changed. I searched all over Affinity Photo's setting and can't find anything related. I have attached a screenshot. Please tell me if this can be fixed. I don't want to have to open every single Affinity file just to see the dimensions. I'm trying to switch from Photoshop but lot's of little issues are coming up.
  3. WOW. I Didn't realize how complex this whole PSD compatibility thing is. Either way, at least it remains editable like you said, so that's a plus. Thanks for the thorough response.
  4. Using Affinity apps (both Designer & Photo) the layer effects are not compatible with Photoshop PSD files. If I have a simple gradient on text from Photoshop, and opening it in either Affinity app, it does not show the gradient and then the app crashes when trying to view the effects panel. Also, any effects created in either Affinity app and exported as a PSD, the gradient on text gets messed up. Opening in Affinity apps or Photoshop gives me the same issue. the original gradient settings (test2.afdesign) are: scale x 100% scale y 100% offset x 0% offset y 0% but after exporting as PSD (test2.psd) and reopening in either Affinity app, the gradient settings are: scale x 7% scale y 2% offset x -262% offset y -515% opening in Photoshop the gradient scale was way off (10% instead of 100%) and the gradient position was even farther off (waaaaay up top, super high - have to keep clicking and dragging to bring it down to viewable position. test.psd was created in Photoshop and crashes Affinity apps. test2.psd was created in Designer with a green to black gradient, and exported as PSD, but when you open it, you see the gradient settings are way off. test2.afdesign is the original test.psd test2.psd test2.afdesign
  5. OK I am attaching a simple PSD file created in Photoshop with gradient applied to text. Affinity Photo beta also behaves the same way - no visible gradient, and then crashes when opening the fx panel. Hope this helps. test.psd
  6. I am having the same problem with a gradient on a text layer in a PSD file. the gradient does not show, and when I try to edit the gradient, the app crashes. I can upload the file for you guys to test, but I don't see an option to attach files.
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