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  1. I wish this update could have the blend tool finally be implemented. :(
  2. Blend tool pls... Affinity Designer 1.9.1 😭
  3. 2021. Affinity 1.9 no blend tool. sad reacts only.
  4. Thank you, this works. Although copy, paste would be much faster and easier to pick the pages to be "transferred".
  5. Hi, I can't seem to copy pages from one affinity publisher file to another affinity publisher file. The usual cmd + c and cmd+ v doesn't work
  6. Hello, I have a project that requires me to layout about 500+ photos and at the moment I have loaded about 170+ photos on 50+pages. I notice that my laptop gets really worked out and hot quickly. I'm guessing is that Publisher uses a lot of memory? Maybe this can be improved in the near future. Thank you, Michael
  7. Hi, Can I suggest to have a fullscreen preview with "actual size" or simply just a fullscreen preview option? At the moment there is a "preview" mode but I can still see the toolbars, etc. It's a bit distracting and hard to focus on what my layout would actually feel. Also on this note, I find it a bit difficult navigating through the pages. It's just a bit unnatural to go through the pages by requiring the users to click the next or previous buttons. Can we just simply press the arrow keys? That'd be great! Thanks for listening! Cheers, Michael
  8. Hi, I just recently migrated to Affinity Suites and this is one of the features that I definitely use a lot in Adobe. I find it impossible to select multiple guides, let alone duplicating them. I tried the Guides Manager but it also allows one guide to be deleted or even selected. EDIT: I have to also mention that this feature is quite useful for making logos
  9. Hello, Many thanks for taking your time to help me out. cheers, Michael
  10. Hi, I can't seem to make the 3 finger gesture to work while using the pen tool. Basically, I cannot reposition the node as I am creating it. Is there a bug or this feature has been taken out? I followed the tutorial about the gestures (around minute 7:50) : https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/designer/ipad/video/273643227/ Any help or clarification is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Michael
  11. Hi, I have the same problem. Hopefully this will be supported soon.
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