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  1. When editing a project I find that trying to select a curve with the pencil only works sometimes. There’s no pattern to it. (Assuming that another curve within the group it belongs too has already been selected). This is annoying because I have to find the curve in the layers studio and often it is one curve in a group of 20 or 30 that all look pretty much the same. Any auggestions? Also, when working with the pencil I find that hand contact will often select whole regions, also very annoying. I was under the impression that the app was capable of ignoring the hand and recognizing finger and pencil. What’s up with that?
  2. Thanks for the tip. This forum delivers.
  3. I have never taken text seriously before and am having trouble getting It to look consistent. I inputted a number of text fields without paying too much attention to detail.Now I want the size, spacing and font to be the same from field to field. So I select text and apply The same font and point size to all. And they are not close to being the same. Not that simple? What am I missing here?
  4. Never mind. The problem after long hours of debug was a single pixel unintentionally selected, making it appear that no tools worked in pixel persona. Obvious after the fact.
  5. The attached file is a piece of the one I’m talking about. test_mg.afdesign
  6. A project I am working on for no a parent reason can no longer be edited in the pixel persona. Vector layers are fine. A saved earlier version of the same project is OK. But when I try to erase or paint on an existing (or new) pixel layer NOTHING HAPPENS. I’ve tried all the obvious checks: I’m using a simple round brush, 50 pixels wide, opacity, flow and hardness set to 100% in pixel persona/layer pure white on transparent background. Protect alpha is turned off. I tried backing up through History as far as I could to no effect. I tried restarting the app. Existing pixel layers can be turned on and off but cant be painted or erased. As I said, an earlier iteration of the same project is AOK. I have seen this kind of behavior before, but it fixed itself after a while So what are my options? I am unable to put finishing touches on a project that I put 20 hours into. VERY frustrating.
  7. Something else to watch out for: AD on my iPad Pro was, after a lot of use, taking up 60 Gb of memory. No way to tell what it was using this for. There is a no way to reclaim this memory except to uninstall/reinstall the app. This works, but watch out! Any customization done is lost in the process. All of the new brushes I had imported had to be re-installed, so make sure any assets or add-ons you need are saved in the cloud or on a desktop machine. The really annoying side effect is that in uninstalling the app, the Affinity Designer folder in “On My IPad” is deleted. I lost several source files this way. No way to get them back. So again, be sure all your files are backed up externally before you do this. iOS will not be a mature OS until the administrator (in practice the end user) has access to all the files used by the app. Professional users need to own and manage ALL of their data.
  8. So you can’t release memory short of uninstalling? iOS sure is awkward sometimes.
  9. Every time I draw a shape (any shape) there is an unwanted ellipse appended. See attached screenshot. Has anyone seen this?
  10. According to settings for my IPad Pro AD is using 52.8 gb of data. I’m getting close to my limits and need to free up as much as possible. I saved and closed all but 4 active projects but memory use did not decrease. Anyone know how to do this?
  11. On two occasions I was in the midst of using the color picker when important mail came in and I stopped to check it. When I came back the picker loupe was open but unresponsive.It hangs around, orphaned, until the AD app is closed and restarted.
  12. I scratched my ahead for a while as to why the color picker appeared to be broken. It would not pick. Doh. It only works in pixel persona! So why doesn’t AD produce.an error message when you attempt to use It in vector mode? Kinda unfriendly.
  13. My final thoughts on this topic: iOS uses this “sandbox” approach to file storage, unlike its big brothers, eg Linux, Windows and Mac OS. All of the grownup OS’s allow the end user (practically) unrestricted access to the file system. In Windows, for example, if you want to delete system files, thereby blowing up your system, knock yourself out. You are an admin after all, whether you wanted to be or not. If you don’t save your work, well gee, that’s too bad. The thinking behind obscuring the inner workings of iOS is (I’m assuming) is that end users need protection from their own ignorance. I see the sense in that. Most users are not system guys. It only becomes a problem when you also drill into users that they don’t need to worry about managing and protecting their data. The app ‘takes care of that” for you! I don’t deny responsibility for shooting myself in the foot here.. it’s just that after 30+ years of experience designing hardware and software I still stepped in the metaphorical dog shit and deleted (‘closed”) my project file, not something I would do intentionally, ever. Memory is cheap, (unlike in the bad old days), time is not. Would it not be cheap and simple to create a project file in the cloud giving the naive user a fallback in the event of such an accident? Because accidents will always happen and we can all use some protection. (This also raises the issue iOS’s lack of comprehensive system backups, which would also save your bacon in such circumstances. A whole other topic.) Thanks to everyone who helped walk me through this. Your willingness to help makes it easier being a newbie.
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