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  1. Nice.. on the Affinity forum an entire discussion about using other non-serif programs to make up for missing (basic) features.. And still nothing from Serif. They really don't care about losing users to other parties because of lacking features in their own software.. their silence is just unbelievable.
  2. A small update. This doesn't happen when giving the text a stroke width. It happens only when using the Outline option in the layer styles.
  3. Someone on the (unofficial) affinity discord server asked about this issue. He used a Mac so this probably isn't just a windows problem but I don't know what version of the software he was using.
  4. A random text with a layer style outline looks weird when exporting it as GIF with the export persona. I can't explain that... Same GIF profile. Just Gif RGB. No changes to the default settings. I added the afdesign file just in case. I'm using version test.afdesign
  5. So, a bugfix release. No new features. I can't say I've run into any of the now-fixed bugs yet, and now I no longer can. Thanks!
  6. Sorry, everything. Everything I do on it is slooow. It's fairly big with quite a few of nested layers, overlays, live filters, adjustment layers and all that so I don't think it's weird that it's slow. I just think it's weird that it's slow while it's not even using all my resources. latest version btw.. 1.10.1
  7. I'm running affinity photo on Windows and I'm having serious performance issues with a certain edit. However, if I check the task monitor, nothing is really spiking. There's more than enough resources available while I'm waiting for my picture to render the change I just attempted to make. CPU is working, but not even half its available power. Memory is used but there's still more than enough available. It's not even reaching the limit I set in the Affinity Photo performance settings. The GPU is hardly working (hw acceleration is on). VRAM is at about 80%. Even the disk isn't really used. What's the use of having all those resources if Affinity won't use them anyway??
  8. Affinity Designer costs less than half of what the cheapest Corel Draw costs.. While I want this functionality too it is not exactly fair to compare them one on one.
  9. I honestly never exported to PDF before.. I tried it and indeed, it's back when I export to pdf. Gone when exporting to PNG though (which is my default so that's why I didn't notice it)
  10. That's odd.... It's gone for me now but If I turn anti aliassing back on it does not come back, so you may have a point here... I can't seem to get it back now. Which is a good thing I guess but a bit confusing.
  11. Like @walt.farrell said, selections aren't shapes. You'll have to trace it with the pen tool to create a curve from it.. a curve acts like a shape and you can add and subtract from it.
  12. Wow.. I was thinking AntiAliassing as well but I had no idea how or where (or even if) you could turn that off. This is amazing. Thank you so much!
  13. Changed my fresh new shape to "Winding (Non-zero)". No change.. all letters still subtract fine, even if I change the curve direction 🙄 I'm lost..... I'll jump in the helpfiles for some explanation of the differences..
  14. I missed that part. How would you enable/disable that and how can you see the current status? I know you can make the direction visible but it didn't have any effect on new shapes I made, probably because it wasn't enabled on the new shape.
  15. Then add a new shape and subtract the letters from that. That goes without a problem. Even when you change the curve direction, no problem. Yet when you try it with the bubble, suddenly the curve direction matters.
  16. you can also just add a texture.. just an image with texture that you can resize to your liking. a little more work but much MUCH more flexible.
  17. Because you drew a new bubble. If I draw a new shape in the author's file then I can subtract all the letters without a problem. It's when subtracting them from the bubble when suddenly the curve direction matters. Subtracting new shapes from the bubble work the same as the letters. one direction works, other direction doesn't. The problem is in the bubble but I can't find it. I pasted his bubble in your image and tried to subtract the text from that bubble, same issue. You need to reverse curve on the letters before being able to remove them.
  18. file->place loads an image in a new layer, if that's what you mean. Also if you copy/paste an image it'll be pasted in a new layer.. If that's not what you meant then you need to be a bit more clear on what you're trying to do...
  19. You can't just use the 'save' option? Not the 'save as', but the regular 'save'.
  20. I think I do see what you mean but that's just a resolution thing I think.
  21. Hey, I found something annoying in designer. When putting a lot of colors on top of eachother and clipping them, they start to bleed out on the edges and start to look like a stroke. If you look closely you can even see the orange line in the purple bottom part. Weird thing is, it's in the exported svg as well but if I import that svg again in Designer, then it's gone! Is this normal? Should I report it as a bug? I have turned hardware acceleration off and on but no change then. I've added the image so if you want to take a look yourself, be my guest. TJ1821.afdesign
  22. I honestly have no explanation for this it acts weird as well. Like you're painting below the previous paint. Could you maybe share a full screen screenshot so we can see some settings a bit better? Also, a little tip on screen recording. Take a look at OBS. (https://obsproject.com/) It's free open source software for windows and mac. It's actually streaming software but it can also record. Maybe a bit of a learning curve but you won't have a big banner in the middle of your screen
  23. Wow.. nice! You recognized the issue! I can work around this. I usually don't work with CMYK anyway. If you already reported this then this one can be closed. I hope we'll see a fix in the next version.
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