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  1. Hi. I have an issue that I can't seem to figure out. So I created a line draw with all vectors, strokes and some filled objects. There is no raster objects of any kind, everything was created inside AD as a vector. However, when I go to export as a PDF, it says "Some areas will be rasterized), and the PDF file size is much larger than it should be for just vector objects. My question is how can I tell what is going to be rasterized, and why is *anything* being rasterized when it's all vector? Also, it would be nice if we could turn on an option and everything that would be rasterized could be highlighted in red or something like that, which would make it easy to find what the issue is. But I've looked, and can't find anything that is a raster. Maybe I'm overlooking something? I have attached the AD file in question. Thanks, Bryan MX_925.afdesign
  2. The one thing I really loved in Photoshop was the ability to take my pen tool, draw a nice outline around an object in a picture, then turn that nice smooth line into a selection (marquee), then cut something out of a picture and get great results. Sadly, Pixelmator doesn't (easily) do that. In Affinity Photo is there an option to convert a line path into a selection? I would switch from Pixelmator in a heart beat if Affinity Photo can do this. Bryan
  3. I just ran Cocktail and when I restarted I could see the proper file previews as the icon. Some cache or junk must have built up. All is as it should be now. Thanks for trying to help. I usually run Cocktail weekly, but haven't gotten around to it. It always manages to clear up strange happenings :)
  4. I updated my signature. I'm using the latest OS X version as well as the latest AD version. I'm going to run Cocktail and clear out any junk that may be preventing AD thumbs from showing as the icon.
  5. Thanks so much! Duh!!!!!!! I didn't see the "Fill" tool in the tools. Solved!
  6. I'm trying AD again for the first time in a long time and when I save a file, I don't get to see the file preview image, I simply see the AD icon. Is this a bug, or is there a setting I can choose to show a thumbnail of the file rather than the AD icon? Thanks.
  7. I would like to know if there is an easy way to fill a circle object with an image. I'm coming from Graphic (formerly iDraw), and taking a circle and filling it with an image is very easy. I've been looking but don't see an easy way to do it other than pasting in a circular image then drawing a circular border around the image. Would love to fill a circle with the image, then stroke a line around it and done. Thanks. Bryan
  8. Thanks MEB! That worked great. Still, it would be nice if you could drop the PDF onto the canvas, then rather than double-clicking to get an editable version, it could just "convert" that into an editable version right on the canvas. That's what Intaglio and iDraw do. But I'll use your method as it does work, just involves an extra step of copy/paste the PDF objects back onto my canvas. Bryan
  9. I use a couple vector apps, iDraw and Intaglio. If I drag a PDF into iDraw, I can "convert PDF to objects" and if I drag a PDF in Intaglio I can "convert PDF for editing." I can't find a similar function in A.D. and I really need this feature. I need to drop PDFs and be able to convert it and edit the objects. I do a lot of saving out vectors to PDF and I need to be able to break it down and manipulate the objects. Am I missing it? Does A.D. do this currently? If not it needs to be added. Bryan
  10. It's been a while on here, and I've just tried using A.D. again after the early release. A lot of my original gripes have been fixed, however, I cannot find how to "CONVERT PDF TO OBJECTS" anywhere. This is a function I use every day with iDraw and Intaglio, and this is really the only thing keeping me from using A.D. as my primary vector app. Am I missing something, or is this feature not included? If it's not here, this is something that NEEDS to be in this app. Otherwise, not useful for me at all. Thanks, Bryan
  11. I pretty much have to keep all my content within A.D., for various reasons. I can't export PDFs as vectors, I'm having issues pasting out, as you are. Can't paste stuff in as vectors from other apps, etc. Right now I'm doing a project, my first one with A.D., that is completely done within the app, so I don't have to worry about importing/exporting anything. Now, if I run into problems with that, I'll have to wait for the next beta which should address many import/export/paste issues. Right now, it seems to be a closed environment. Hope that changes soon. Bryan
  12. Isaac- I don't know if this is a bug with A.D. or not, but I've tried RGB 0,0,0 and CMYK 100,100,100,100 in two other vector apps, and when I check the HEX color with a third app, both blacks show as RGB 0,0,0. I've tried the same test with A.D. and when I create two boxes with RGB 0,0,0 and then another with CMYK 100,100,100,100, the CMYK "black" is always gray, and never black. I've tried and can't get a deep black in A.D. I do CMYK printing, and do get deep blacks with another app. Try these CMYK for deep black: 75,68,67,90. Also, try printing vs on-screen color. Bryan
  13. Foo- For me, Sketch was great if you wanted to create some quick vector "thing." But using it to do a layout, with canvas size, etc. not so much for printing. Right now, Intaglio / iDraw are firmly in my workflow for vectors, and Pixelmator for raster stuff. As AD gets mature, I would like nothing more for it to become THE app I go to and not have the need for other apps in the flow. As you say, I will stay on top of AD as well, and look forward to each new feature. I'll be counting the days until it's my go-to vector app. Bryan
  14. Matt- A.D. is my great hope, so I'll be sticking around and playing with all the new features you add. Although I'd like every feature out of the box, I do agree that releasing a stable/solid app and working from that is much better than throwing the kitchen sink in there. There are really only a few features right now that prevent me from jumping all in, and I suspect the worst of them will be the first to be fixed. My best app purchase in a while! Bryan
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