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  1. Please add the ability to draw straight lines with the brush tool. It would be a handy feature to have. Maybe you could just add a button on the brush properties bar that runs along the top, one that toggles straight line on or off.
  2. Nevermind. Seems this issue has already been brought up and responded to. I should probably search before posting next time. :wacko:
  3. Actually, if you zoom back the cursor becomes visible as a tiny black circle. I was drawing zoomed in and the cursor became a white dot and vanished. This probably still needs addressing.
  4. When drawing with textured vector brushes you are shown a black circle to indicate where the brush is on the canvas. However, shrink the brush down to a small size and this cursor becomes a white dot that gets easily lost against a white background, and so you can't see where you are drawing. Not sure if this issue is universal, as I am only using textured vector brushes at the moment, but seems to me maybe an option for a different cursor might be a simple way to address the problem. How about an option for an actual brush as the cursor? I tried to take a screenshot, but it wouldn't show the cursor. To see what I'm talking about just shrink the size of a textured vector brush and try to draw on a white background. Can't really be done. :(
  5. A big YES to arrangement of colors in swatches. When a swatch gets a large amount of colors there needs to be a way to arrange those colors, be it an empty grid that you fill or even a drag to move type of function.
  6. Thanks CartoonMike. I'm not doing any serious work yet with Affinity, but still wanted to make sure it works okay with Yosemite. I'll probably just update soon and by the time I finally get around to doing serious work any kinks will probably be worked out. They seem to be on top of things, yet another good thing about Affinity! :)
  7. How is Affinity's compatibility with Yosemite? I see a few bugs have been reported, but was wondering if there was anything "official" regarding the latest Mac OS update.
  8. Here's a screenshot of the "Preview" app that is part of Mac OS, and when you go to print a PDF as you can see there is an option to scale at 100% which will print the document at actual size. It's just an extra print option when you go to print. Something like this in Affinity would be really useful to have, so that you could test print drawings, or if you simply wanted a print of your drawing at actual size.
  9. This was it, I checked the color tab and the little circle at the top that indicates what color a line is was actually showing no color (white with a red line through it). I changed that to black and now the lines export just fine.
  10. These are vector textured brushes by the way. Forgot to mention that. Also, thanks for moving this thread. :) Didn't initially see that "Export" had it's own forum section.
  11. It won't print the lines either. So something's not right.
  12. I'd like to see the ability to print a document at the actual size. For example if I had a drawing that was 7.5"x10" and 300 pixels per inch and wanted to see it at those 7.5"x10" dimensions on an 8.5"x11" standard piece of paper, the drawing will instead stretch out to the edges and measure slightly larger than 7.5"x10". This is really useful and even pretty much necessary if you plan on printing your work and want to preview it at actual size first (like say a book, comic, magazine, etc.). If there's a way to do this already please let me know. I know when you use the "Preview" app in Mac OS to view and print a PDF file it will let you scale it to actual size before printing, but it won't let you do so with a PNG file. At any rate, this would be a useful feature!
  13. I created a simple 1 layer document to test a font and also test textured brush strokes. The resulting PDF file shows the font but not the brush strokes. I tried checking the "Export text as curves..." box and unchecking it, same result, no textured brush strokes. For comparison, export to PNG shows the textured brush strokes.
  14. I request the ability to use the Pen tool with a Brush style. You currently have to change each line created with the Pen tool to whatever brush style you want. It would be much better if you could choose the Pen tool, choose the Brush style, then draw away without having to change each line. Kind of seems like this just hasn't been built in yet, because when you are using the Pen tool and click on the Line button (on the top toolbar) or Line section (on the right side) it will show the Brush button for selecting a brush but it appears to be disabled. You can select a Brush from the Brush section on the right side once you've started drawing a line with the Pen tool and it will change that line into the selected Brush style, but once finish that line the Pen tool reverts back. Would be nice to have it stick without having to select the Brush style each time you started a new line. Hopefully that all makes sense. Just a small but useful adjustment to help with the workflow.
  15. I don't want it changed, just the option added. I think there is value and usefulness in both options. Could probably be relatively easy to add, just put a check box in the item specific toolbar that run across the top when the photo is selected.
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