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  1. Hi Affinity Forum, I work as a Motion Designer, the last stressful days I wondering about a few issues in AP. First, when I open a original Photoshop file (from my client) AP breaks the text spacing (see Motorcycle pic). You can see the other problems in the two videos. Sorry, I had no clue how to explain the problems, but maybe the videos do. Are this issues only a Problem on my computer or are this already known? MAC OS 10.13.6 Problem2.mp4 Problem3.mp4
  2. Hello Affinity Team, just want to ask how the status of the Blend Tool is? Can we expect it soon? Rick
  3. I´ll will try to make a tutorial when I have a little time over ;)
  4. 1. Create a line (path) 2. Hold ALT pressed and move the line on the next position you would like to have the copy (of the first line) 3. CMD + J and AD will make copies in the same direction and with the same space between the first and second line. You might have to adjust some lines by hand. Hope this helps
  5. Hi Affinity Forum, I would like to share my latest work with you. There´s a T-Shirt Design Competition for the Rock Band “Cheap Trick“, I made this one. Hoppe you like it. Rick
  6. Hi Forum, is there any way to set the ruler zero point to the center of the document? Avé, Rick
  7. Hi, I´m Rick from Munich Germany. I work as a freelancer in Motion Design and 3D Artist. For my work I need often clean vector graphics, I grow up with Freehand and Illustrator, I loved Freehand and hated Illustrator so I was so lucky when I found Affinity. Now I´m gonna get rid of Adobe and hope that you guys DON´T sale affinity to the big A. So, let us make great graphics and push Affinity to the Top :)
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