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  1. Why separate the forums and produce a huge number of complex technologies that will be more difficult to maintain in reality, if it is easier to simply reorganize one forum, divide it into several sections and everything will work adequately?
  2. I assume that the number of people who want to work on arm is not so large that for the sake of this, they will almost fundamentally change the program engine. There are tons of other applications for this, so there are some doubts about whether this will ever be added.
  3. I apologize that this may not be entirely themed, but what about Movavi Video Editor 2020 or an older version? It would be great if you signed a contract with them or something, in that case, maybe the price would have changed, but the quality is clearly worth it. I used these products and they are really good! I think it would be good to take a quality product from the outside. Most importantly, firms must be able to agree. In any case, if Serif will not solve this issue, then you can try it yourself))
  4. It's great that Affinity listens to its customers, I once worked with an Indian colleague and his work speed in his native language increased several times.
  5. Hello to all! I am a big fan of the program, I decided to register;) But what, it’s very cool here, judging by what I see.
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