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  1. Hi, made a logo in Affinity. I provided the colors with the logo. HEX, RGB & CMYK. Now they ask the PANTONE color scheme. How to see that to pick the correct color? Thanks in advance.
  2. Today had some time, never really did this before. Took all morning, but was fun to do. Original was a photo I saw on the web.
  3. Close some apps in your dock and run a memory cleaner once in a while. When you have opened lots of apps, working with them or not, as long as they are running. They use memory. With one click I free up more then 2 to 3 gig of memory. You get free memory cleaners in the Appstore.
  4. It is a bit different then PS, so have to get into it now. Love the page with the tutorials, keep them coming ! I'm very happy with this app. Together with Affinity Designer these two top apps are perfect in combination with Webdesign. Made this, combined a photo that I took with a wallpaper with nice clouds. Added some filters and lighting.
  5. Made a logo with a part in it that contains perspective. Made it in Drawplus, in there the perspective tool is available. However I cannot export as eps in Drawplus (the pdf export was not good for the printinghouse when we need to resize it for future purposes because it is not a vector anymore. Recently bought a Macbook and tried the same logo again in Affinity designer, although the perspective tool is not available (yet ?). Any idea when that option is included. They want the logo as full vector but I am not able to make it again the same way in Affinity Designer. And in Drawplus the export is failing somehow as full vector. Maybe I do something wrong, dunno.. import from drawplus.afdesign
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