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  1. Uff, so this will have to wait. I was happy that I returned to the previous formatting. Any idea how I can record a video on screen?
  2. Every time I update my TOC, it messes up. Depending on what settings I did before in a text box. But it still says: Style for TOC: Ihv 1 (as it should be). But looks completely different. This cannot be normal.
  3. Besides some other strange behaviour (tables) this is still very annoying. I thought I can handle this. But creating a new text box meanwhile is a nightmare. I am not sure what it does. And if you can't be sure what the function does, it would be better to throw it out of the program. A very normal behaviour would be: - creating a new textbox - if it is God's will, let the formatting something shitty from all past settings - activate a predefined text style --> text box should adopt these settings But in Publisher, there are still some settings according to some previous settings I did for a table. How odd is that? I still believe that this changes to the better. Many thanks.
  4. Found it here: And also found my problem. It was a picture that was edited with paint.net (just cropped to a certain size) that caused Publisher not to export the PDF...
  5. Hi, I also have an error message popping up that PDF out of AFPUB is not possible. I have no idea why. Where can I find an error log? Many thanks.
  6. Thanks! Just added my +1. I keep my fingers crossed.
  7. Hi, is there a simple way to see how many characters / words / ... a textbox has? Just simple statistics as every word processor and text editor has? Would be good to know for the authors how many characters / words fit in a given textbox. Many thanks.
  8. For example creating a font out of the graphic I want to use as end mark. Is this functionality provided by Publisher?
  9. When inserting a new text frame, AFP seems to be very odd. It uses the text style from any last action, no matter what it was (table, special formatted text frame,...). Is there a possibility to change this weird behaviour? Normally, over a bigger document, the text frames all have the same style. When inserting a new text frame, it would save a lot of work to start with the very standard for the text frame instead of looking for all settings go back to normal.
  10. Sounds like a nice workaround. But how I do this without special coding knowledge?
  11. Currently I do this manually. I created an end mark, I copy this for each article and place it manually in the document. If something in the layout is chaning, I have to change each end mark manually again. Wouldn't it be nice to have a functionality to say: Here at this place, there is the end of an article, place an end mark. And for the future, when anything changes in the layout, the end mark moves with the end of the article.
  12. Yes, agree! I don't want to critize it in any way. I fully understand that Publisher had other priorities in the first run. But now it is time to take care of this stuff, too. And I want to know if I can be of any help to get these tables fixed as soon as possible.
  13. I just created my first newsletter with Publisher. In general it is nice working with it. But then it came to tables. Yes, the software contains a module that creates a box with borders. I think that's it about the tables features To be honest, does it make sense to send in a list of things that don't work / could work better with tables? Or is it better just to wait until a major improvement is done?
  14. Would be cool to have this search functionality in the right click menu when clicking on a style in the Text Style studio. Many thanks.
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