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    IslanderFJ reacted to nitro912gr in Stock Images-EPS-File is Pixelated   
    Hello I tried after a format to go adobe free and got the same problem with EPS files.
    I suggest all of us to sent emails to the tech support of the stock sites we are working with and ask them to require from uploaders to upload Ai files with PDF compatibility.
    I will do this for freepik, please do the same everyone. If there are enough emails asking that they will realize that we design in a world where exists many more programs than the ones from adobe.
    Those EPS files can't open in anything else but the illustrator, and we are so many people working so many programs out there, designer, draw, inkscape, xara, we just need to unite our voices to be heard and not take silly suggestions like to pay the one program they feel comfortable with.
    After all it is not like we are asking for affinity designer files, we are just asking for files compatible with everything that take little to no effort to be made, just save Ai with a tickbox.
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    IslanderFJ reacted to Evren in Stock Images-EPS-File is Pixelated   
    Hello everyone, does anyone have information on if Serif is taking any action to convince stock image sites to set a standart for more compatible eps files? This issue is a real deal breaker which i discovered after purchased all of affinity suite
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    IslanderFJ reacted to LeeColarelli in Stock Images-EPS-File is Pixelated   
    Yes, exactly as walt said. I think stock sites need to start requiring eps files to be compatible with more than just Adobe Illustrator!
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    IslanderFJ got a reaction from walt.farrell in Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.8.0   
    Ok read all the posts regarding setup failed error.  I rebooted and ran the setup as Admin again and it worked this time.  Yay!!!
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    IslanderFJ reacted to Steps in Can publisher remember last export settings?   
    Still broken.
    As for every bug in Affinity I would not expect a bugfix to soon.
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    IslanderFJ reacted to bradleym2004 in Can publisher remember last export settings?   
    The lack of this feature irritates me all day long, and would be a great addition to publisher.
    When you go the export dialog, can it remember the settings from the last time an export was made.   ie the filetype, size, quality, area etc
    And if it can save the last export settings as part of the document that would even better.
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    IslanderFJ reacted to R C-R in Batch Export or Resize from Designer (Tshirt to Hoodie size for Merch by Amazon)   
    Try https://player.vimeo.com/video/192599431
    The old 'legacy' list at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10119-legacy-official-affinity-photo-desktop-video-tutorials/ was updated last July with new links that (mostly?) work.
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    IslanderFJ reacted to Ariana M in Batch Export or Resize from Designer (Tshirt to Hoodie size for Merch by Amazon)   
    I'm a new AD user, creating tshirt designs for merch by Amazon. Simple file, 6 artboards laid out per file, export all 6 slices to transparent PNG in Tshirt dimensions 4500px x 5400px. (Yay, works great so far.)
    1 - I need to resize the files to smaller Hoodie dimensions 4500px x 4050px. Can I batch resize with AD (or AP)?
    2 - In some cases, I expect I'll need to resize a few elements in the design. Can I somehow batch resize all artboards and objects, so I have an editable Affinity Designer file to work in? (I searched for macros in help files but I'm not using right keywords! help.)  
    What is best/most straightforward solution to getting the ? (I also have Affinity Photo, if needed, but would love to open as few programs as possible.)
    Anybody who's already doing something like this have a more sensible process?
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    IslanderFJ reacted to LinkLayer in AP 1.7.1 slow performance when healing   
    I have also been noticing the Inpainting tool is laggy, and it seems like it used to always be fast.
    Affinity Photo 1.7.3
    Mac mini (2018
    3.2 GHz Intel Core i7
    16 GB RAM
    Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB
    I have usually been editing TIFF files, fairly simple stuff, with one or two layers. Max of ~ 13 MB file size, Max of 4 images open at once.
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