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  1. Hi there ... this is a query under the discussion forum for Affinity DESIGNER for iPad , not Affinity Photo ... so doubt it’s related? But thanks anyway Seneca.
  2. Hello, thank for reply But ... where on Earth is “Styles palette” and where is “Explore > edit” .... is this for the iPad version? I don’t see it anywhere ...
  3. Hi i noticed there’s pretty much no decent gradient variety in the swatches color studio ..l Is there no way to import and export gradients? I don’t see any options in the menu! I don’t want to have to create new gradient for each and every new document/file ... would be good to be able to save it “globally” for the app to be able to use when ever needed, like Assets and Brushes can be set for global, as well as imported and exported and backed up!
  4. Wow!! Seriously over a year ago?? This is very upsetting and disappointing! How can this have been ignored for so long? The brushes are one of the most important tools of Affinity Design! How can this have been ignored for so long?!
  5. Hi. Maybe another silly question, but in the Vector Persona, what exactly is the difference in function/use between the Pencil and the Brush tool? I see one can apply to all the preset brush strokes to the Pencil ... and with the Brush tool it can be set to do a basic line just like the pencil tool, just with extra customizable settings of course ..., So why even bother with the pencil tool ... or am I missing something major here? (Probably am and hoping to be happily informed of what I’m not getting ... ) TIA
  6. Hi there ... I’ve checked but that folder ONLY has the exported files, NOT the native Affinity Design files. It’s set to “on my iPad”. I want to be sure to have the native files backed up so that if I re-install the whole Affinity Design app, that I will have all the Affinity Design NATIVE files, with all the FX effects etc etc still available. where does one find and back up the native files?
  7. Thanks Walt Is there anyway to export an Affinity Design native file with vector effects included, for backup purposes? what if I need to uninstall the app and need to reload it ... from what I know , that would delete all current files within the app and start it from scratch again ... how do I do that, while still keep all the native vector files I been working on? TIA
  8. So forgive a stupid question .. what’s the point of applying effects if it can’t be exported??
  9. Aha okay will do, thanks again
  10. Thanks Dan will check it out ... Have you any idea what format or file extension the vector brushes use?
  11. Thanks Gabe that's great. What about the brush defaults not being automatically selected when selecting preset brushes?
  12. Hey Dan. Thanks for this, but I’m looking for pencil Vector brushes, I know Concept app has awesome vector pencil brush, want similar...
  13. Hi all. Is there Pencil sketch brushes for I Pad Affinity Designer that can be imported And if so where can one get them? Also what format are the brush types ... can they be imported from other apps? Thanks
  14. Hi Ronny, thanks tried that ... apparently according to support, it’s an issue that has been reported before, so hoping for a fix soon .. strange how these things effect some and not others. Have you all also noticed that when opening a document, initially the brush context menu below does not have the controller for preset brushes automatically set to “brush defaults”? I find this very odd, I expect if selecting a preset brush, that it’s defaults would automatically be selected on.
  15. No, pressure curve is default as above image. Thanks for input everyOne ... just wondering at what point is some mod or dev going to assist with this? something needs to happen here.

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