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  1. There must be some hidden property to this line that is causing the issue. Perhaps they'll ask me for my file to uncover what it is.
  2. No, I just checked the properties and that’s not it (screenshot of properties is attached) Hmmmm
  3. So I have a vector drawing that I wanted to export to SVG file. It just says "Generating Export" FOREVER... I left it for 8 hours and it still said it when I got home. So I decided to figure out what part of the drawing exactly might be causing this problem - I narrowed it down to a single line that was causing this behavior - It's so strange Here's a video showing exactly how the bug works. Any idea what might be going on here??? because this export bug has been affecting my workflow significantly Video of bug: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jphMZSWweXaSdyt79 Thank you Paul
  4. Yes this is exactly the problem I'm referring to, thank you!!!
  5. Hi Affinity Design Team, You really have a great piece of software here but this is a debilitating bug that really needs to be fixed. It's unusable in its current state because of this problem. Could you please tell us an approximate date when we all might expect this bug to be fixed? Thank you very much Paul
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