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  1. Thanks for your time and appreciate your response. This hot key makes a difference. Learning curve like with anything else, hard to complain as people like to expect everything to be a clone, just because they got used to other software for years. I purchased the whole 'holy trinity' of affinity software, eventually hoping to forget the trauma of years with adobe. People see a new chance and a new start and everyone wants to know 'where is that thingy I used for years in this software?". So excitement and irritation to be expected
  2. I figured out that: - When you create shapes with brush tool after letting go your object is not selected so you may change the colour for the next one without changing the brush you just made. But then again the brush tool does not have the option "USE FILL" - When you create shapes with pencil tool after letting go your object is selected so you have to hit escape to grab another colour. This one has "USE FILL" Is there a way to add "USE FILL" with the brush tool ? or alternatively with pencil tool not to auto select created objects ?
  3. 1) It seems like I have to click on a shape and click on "Synchronize from Selection" every time I want to have the same style. This takes a bit of time, shame it's not automatic. Is there a hotkey for that? 2) I could live with the above if there would be any way to switch off SELECTING a created object with a brush/pencil because to use synchronise on other object I need to deselect object that I just created. Two words... Jesus... Christ...
  4. Hello. Three things if I may. I do hope that I am just uninformed. 1) When quickly inking or colouring in Illustrator, let's say, I create a shape that has white fill and black stroke, then I create black fill and no stroke. I put these somewhere on side so If I need to switch my brush settings between these two I simply select that shape and my brush gets these settings depending on selected object (white fill/black stroke or black fill and no stroke). This is not what is happening in Designer. Even if I select a shape, the brush/pencil gets back to the last settings. Meaning - I have to manually adjust the settings of brush/pencil to "white fill and black stroke" or "black fill and no stroke" every time I want to use it. This kills me. Illustrator: Simply... create red box with blue box. Select a red box and create another red box straight away. Select blue and make another blue. Designer: Create red box and blue box. Need another red box? Reverse colours to red from blue and create red box again. Another blue box? Oh... reverse colours back to blue and create blue. I hope I'm wrong. 2) When using the brush/pencil - how can I turn off 'selection' of an object that was created? Otherwise I have to press Esc all the time. Illustrator workflow: Create a red line, Eyedropper on a shape with Blue line - Brush = create a new line with Blue colour Designer: Create a red line, hit Esc to deselect, Eyedropper on a shape with Blue line - Brush = create a new line with Blue colour. Hitting escape all the time otherwise it will change the last created line. 3) Why no option for "Use Fill" for Brush as well? Thank you!
  5. Hi, I'm so glad to you published the book as there is not much info or courses on the software, anything other than just experiment with it by yourself. I am getting tired of adobe workflow and the subscription. The holy trilogy of Sketch, Affinity Designer and Pixelmator really helps me to consider dropping Adobe eventually. Hoping to become proficient after finishing the book, I really like how the software works so far, it's kind of difficult to get used to some things. And also, the environment does not change that easily... so I'm still hearing the tendency of 90's instructors "If you don't use Illustrator you're not professional", from people that never used even 20% of what's it is capable of and from people brought up on video training of sort: "Good afternoon. My name is Jonatan and I am professional C++ Developer. Today, in this 50+ hour course I will tell you the beginning of my life and what schools I finished. I was born...". Thank you guys for your work.
  6. Hi, kind of feel like newbie with AD yet. Are there any good tips&tricks to reduce the PDF file size, like options that has Illustrator? I got now only Affinity Designer and Photoshop. That kind of settings has Photoshop. But I love vector and would really wish I could make the file size of the pdf's. 1) Size: I must say Affinity Designer works amazingly with complex designs, compared to Sketch or iDraw. I've got menu done in Illustrator. The size of the pdf converted is 8mb. The same file exported by AD is 39mb. Was thinking to save these large pdf's and then open them in Photoshop and then export them with reduced size, but don't know how that will affect the project. (UPDATE: Photoshop reduces the pdf only to 28MB). 2) Crop marks? ... well... can make these manually right?
  7. To be honest I found this today actually when I needed this feature for a small project. Learning AD bit by bit every day. If they ever release crop marks / bleed and option to reduce pdf size I will forget about Illustrator completely. Absolutely stunning software by the way!
  8. One of the main thing that I missed in AD when leaving Illustrator was the Image Trace option. Just to let anyone struggling with that kind of decision - there's a small cheap app (£3.99 pounds) in app store called Image Vectoriser. I hope I don't sound dull, like I'm advertising anything... just a simple solution for anyone that has a problem with this feature when leaving Illustrator.
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