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  1. A thread which is going on forever now and I have no idea what Affinity is planning on doing.. It's all a matter of priorities is what I understand to be the official statement. I must say that the older one gets, the harder it is to adapt.. (eyesight is getting worse by the day) All these discussions about how cool dark interfaces are and that Adobe has them and Apple is implementing them as well drives me nuts! A nice bright/neutral interface hasn't raised one eyebrow the last 20 years or so.. and now there is a four page thread where people are complaining because someone thought up something 'refreshing' What a waste of time and effort.. Affinity Photo (and Designer) needs to be #1 and it really has the potential to become just that. So, please... PLEASE! Make it top priority to change the interface and make your (older/pro/experienced/nagging) customers happy! Thanks