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  1. Yes i'm hoping they soon will add Exposure X5 as plug in to affinity photo. It greatly improves my workflow efficiency. Thanks in advance
  2. @Granddaddy I completely agree, the official affinity video tutorial is little misleading in the sense they show refine edge works perfectly like magic. But it only works where there are color differences and contrast between the subject and background otherwise it better to use other tools like quick mask combined with paintbrush etc.,
  3. I too face the same issue, it's a bit annoying. First time if I set to original ratio its fine, but if i change my mind to crop again i have to go back to step to 1 setting Orginal ratio from the dropdown. Worst case scenario I forgot to set the crop in orgianl ratio , all photos end up with different ratios
  4. No problem .Thanks for the swift response. I have uploaded .af file , it has following layer Background layer curves adjustment filter layer Add Noise live filter layer Gaussin Blur live filter layer Clarity live filter If i am eding the curves filter with live filter enabled , the process is very slow with image rendering in squares but if live filter are disabled (hidden) the adjustment is relatively smooth . gradient03.afphoto
  5. Affinity photo 1.7.2 .When using more than two live filter layers, performance is serverly effected. Doing normal operations like moving adjustment sliders takes few second, if i hide the live filter layers it works smoothly . Please look into this issues. Windows 8.1 , 16GB DDR3, Intel Core i5 4200-U @ 1.6 GHz , intergrated intel HD 4400
  6. If i use more than two live filters in photo persona of 1.7.2v affinity photo performance is severly damped.
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