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  1. I keep going back and forth between the Paint Brush Tool and the Erase Brush Tool while painting. This is a basic workflow. The problem is that whenever I switch back to the Paint Brush Tool, the brush changes, it's not whatever I chose before using the eraser. Is there a way to solve this? Or is this a bug? Thanks.
  2. "Removed "Windows Ink" option, and replaced with high precision WinTab support" Does that mean I no longer need to enable Windows Ink in my drawing tablet settings? If so, that's great news, Windows Ink is so terrible. Thank you!
  3. For those who got it working, do drawing tablets work with sensitivity? I'm assuming they don't but I just needed to ask since Affinity is the only reason I'm not migrating to GNU/Linux.
  4. Thank you. I don't understand though, if I want the effect, I'd just leave the option checked, if I don't want it and uncheck it should stay unchecked. It's common sense...
  5. Hello Chris B, yes, you were involved: I also found this thread: I highly doubt this is by design. And if it is, it's a bad design choice.
  6. Once a brush with wet edges is selected, the option "Wet Edges" in the Context Menu will always re-check itself every time I pick a brush. I can turn it off and paint with the currently selected brush, but once I change it, the option Wet Edges turns itself back on automatically. Even if the newly selected brush doesn't have the feature Wet Edges set on in its settings. I have looked it up and found a thread talking about this bug but it was a old (in the pre-1.7 forum) and I thought I should re-open the case since we're post-1.7.
  7. Yes I just checked, it was set to WARP. I changed it to my graphics card and now it's much faster. Although it lags on 4K with some brushes but that's to be expected.
  8. That would be much appreciated. I also experience lag in 2048x2048 documents or larger even without mirroring. Especially when the brush size is more than 300 pixels. Although Metal is better than OpenGL it'd be good enough. Better than nothing.
  9. I obviously like Affinity Photo as an image editing and manipulating software, but I'm not sure about the brush engine, feature set and the experience in general for artists in Affinity Photo. I'm not a professional myself so I can't really come up with a solid argument against it or against the other software. I mainly search and look for opinions from professionals or at least from people who are very familiar with digital painting and have experience with different software. So my question is, is Affinity Photo on par with CSP, CP or even Krita for that matter? Is it a valid choice for artists? Is it lacking essential features that might ruin the whole experience? And if it is lacking, and needs more focus, are there any plans in the future to make it better? I'm interested in illustration and concept art. Thank you all.
  10. Thank you so much for the .ABR brushes fix! It was driving me crazy. I have a library of brushes that I couldn't import before and now I can. I was also waiting for the tga file crash fix. Maybe in the next update?
  11. Well, first of all, thank you for downloading and trying to open the files. And also for the valuable information you provided @Danielcz But what a shame! 700MB is nothing nowadays. People working in the 3D industry (game developing/modeling/textuing...etc) are working with huge files all the time as part of their work. And the fact that this is impossible to do in AP is just disappointing. I really hoped this program would be a solid replacement for me, but apparently not. If I had to use GIMP or any other "free" software to work then what's the point of buying Affinity? It's a great program, but this should be addressed immediately. If they want to even have a chance at competing against Photoshop they have to stop adding features and work on the foundation. The basic stuff. People need something reliable and that works before even looking for fancy feature.
  12. I am using the latest version ( on Windows 10. I can reproduce the problem by trying to open the files in question again. Affinity Photo crashes/closes right after loading. I can provide the files. They're located inside the folder TGA Textures/Head/TGA/ after unzipping TGA+Textures.zip. The files in question are Colour_16k.tga and Spec_16k.tga. The other files open just fine. Common characteristics between the files non of the other files have: both are 16k and are 700+MB in size. The ZIP file can be downloaded from here (blog post): https://www.3dscanstore.com/blog/Free-3D-Head-Model Alternatively, here are direct links - if you don't want to register. After registering it'll lead you to this page eventually which has the direct links: https://www.3dscanstore.com/blog/Download-Model Thank you
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